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giulietta veloce with 18

  1. Can anyone please advise?

    Alfa Giulietta
    I'm looking to buy a Giulietta, I'll need to commute about 60 miles a day(30 miles each way). I was looking at some diesel engines, 1.6 has very good fuel economy however I was a bit concerned about its performance. how is 1.6 ? and what about 2.0 JTDM-2 ? any other suggestions are welcome I am...
  2. Selling my Giulietta

    Alfa Giulietta
    Have given up trying to post in the For Sale section, it keeps losing my data. Here goes: 2011/61 Giulietta 2.0JTDM 140 Veloce Manual in Alfa Red with 47,000 miles. 1 previous owner. MOT due in April 2017. FSH and belts/pump changed in April 2016. New brake pads and tyres fitted in April...
  3. Giulietta Veloce with 18" sports wheels?

    Alfa Giulietta
    Is this an option for new cars? Alfa Romeo website says yes, dealer says no and if I want them I have to upgrade to a Sportiva. It's the 170bhp TDi if that makes a difference.