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  1. How many Giulias and QVs in the UK?

    General Alfa Discussion
    I currently drive the Mk3 Focus RS. 6k RS cars were sold in the UK. I see about 3 Focus RS cars for every Giulia and I've only seen one QV in 12 months. This tells me Alfa have probably only sold about 2000 Giulias and probably only a few hundred QVs. What do you think?
  2. Any N Ring Limited Edition Giulias or Stelvios in SA

    South Africa
    Anyone aware of N ring limited edition giulia or Stelvio QF's in SA or any orders by dealers?
  3. Giulias all over California

    Alfa Giulia
    Having my road trip from LA to SF, so far I encountered Giulias and Stelvios more than I have ever seen all over the UK...i was also in NY for few days but I haven’t seen any there.... Anyway, Giulias seems like the preferred one...I think I have seen not less than 30 in just three days...very...
  4. Cleaning brand new Giulias. The guilt and paranoia.

    Alfa Giulia
    Picked up my new QV 10 days ago. It's now filthy. And a filthy animal at that. I haven't had it treated with anything - and having splurged all my cash on the car I'd struggle to find the funds to do so right now. Until I started reading this forum I'd never thought about any sort of...
  5. Giulias Software bugs blamed for many issues

    Alfa Giulia
    Not surprising :tut: Alfa Romeo Boss Blames The Giulia's Countless Problems On Buggy Software
  6. 350 Giulias sell in thirty-three seconds

    Alfa Giulia
    The Chinese launch of the Giulia online sales Cina - Vendute online 350 Alfa Romeo Giulia in 33 secondi -
  7. Fitting Quadrifoglio fenders to non-Q Giulias?

    Alfa Giulia
    So, as the thread title refers to, would it be possible to fit the front fenders from the Quadrifoglio with the vents to a normal Giulia? It looks like the width dimensions for both cars are the same - as in - the Quadrifoglio does not appear to have widened arches. Should make the front fender...
  8. AVIS (France) are renting Giulias

    General Alfa Discussion
    As title.éhicules-de-location/select-series/france/alfa-romeo-giulia?cid=emafr20161003-alfa_giulia
  9. Some issues with the petrol Giulias

    Alfa Giulia
    First of all, I still can't understand the logic behind not allowing switching the ESP off. I mean, you invest 5 billion euros, you design a new RWD platform from scratch and you even offer it with an optional LSD across the range but then you castrate it with an always-on ESP? And as if that's...
  10. Giulias in "Classic & Sports Car"

    General Alfa Discussion
    The August issue of "Classic & Sports Car" has an article on the 105 Series Giulietta, (Edit: that should have read Giulia, as in the thread title!) covering everything from Berlina to Zagato. Worth a read!
  11. Giulias at track

    The Classic Alfa Romeos
    Club Alfa-Romeo Finland track day 2004 YouTube - Best of Cuore Sportivo Ahvenisto 2004
  12. Giulias At NAD

    Motoring Images
    Sticking with the current theme, I took these pictures at NAD. :cool:
  13. Giulias in action!

    The Classic Alfa Romeos
    A couple of short videoclips: (1.89 Mb) (0.99 Mb) (1.39 Mb) (1.82 Mb) (divx required)