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  1. pulling girls or lads in your alfa

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    As title suggests have you ever pulled someone while in your alfa? Wheather it be male or female. I know i aint but wondered if i was going wrong somewheere :lol: If so what alfa do you drive?
  2. Girls Aloud - I Think We're Alone Now

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    Actually heard this the other day. I always thought Tiffany's version was pants but this is even more insipid and inanely boring. What do others think.
  3. Girls Aloud - That's Better.

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  4. Call Girls...

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    Would you ever use one...? :D
  5. is the 147 a girls car ??

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Just wondered what everyone thought. Yesterday driving home and back into work today I saw 4 or 5 147's and all were being driven by girlies..... not that I am complaining :D [email protected]
  6. Who said blonde girls are dumb....?

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    Who said blonde girls are dumb....? You really could watch this all day. Marvellous. :cheese: Here in Greece we've many jokes for blond girls. Same as with Essex girls (if you live in the UK). You may alter the thread title accordingly.. ;) Give it some time to load... ;) :) :) :)
  7. Who would have thought such pretty girls could be so dirty?

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    :eek: :D :o
  8. Big Girls Blouse..........

    General Alfa Discussion
    :cool: happy birthday FLO xxx(birthday kisses only) ;)
  9. Hey girls!

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    Howdy girls and girls! Nemmy popping in for a quick hello...and you thought I'd died in a bank holiday pile up of caravans. The caravan is no more, the RAV 4 is no more, but I'm still with Toyota. No choice really, they were the only ones who would give me a sensible price for a nearly new RAV...