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  1. Hello guys and girls

    Introduce Yourself
    Hi people, My name is Jaime, I have a 156 1.8 T Spark 2000/X. I had a couple of V6 Alfa`s a few years back and always regretted selling them, this one came up with a blown engine and luckily I am in charge of internet sales for a nationwide breakers firm so I got a replacement engine at next...
  2. Pretty Girls In BMW Convertibles

    Poll Room
    Yes or no?
  3. Is the Mito a girls car?

    Alfa MiTo
    Ill probably be killed here but is the Mito a bit of a girls car? It looks a bit strange and its tiny! I cant see many using it as their main car? The biggest engine is a 1.4 petrol or 1.6 diesel. Give me a few year old 159 any day.
  4. How many girls drive Alfa 145 Cloverleafs ???

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    So then how many girls are there out there that drive Alfa 145 Cloverleafs ? I need to know :)
  5. Hi guys and girls

    Introduce Yourself
    Just thought id say hi and thanks for the forums,im coming from 2 wheels and looking to buy a Spyder soon round about a 1998. Probably the same as every one else my heart says go for an Alfa but my head, friends and wallet says doh!!! Hope to be posting more soon.
  6. Good looking car, good looking girls....

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    I think the 159, Brera and Spider are so stunningly good looking they are best framed with a good looking girl or girls draped on the bonnet, so im starting a competition to post on this thread a picture of your car, with a really good looking girl/girls, of course like all good competitions...
  7. Right Boys and Girls - gona and done it...JTD

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    After a long time looking...I've gone and bought a SW156 JTD 2.4 140bhp engine - silver - Veloce.:D :D :D ( Homer Simpson voice ) "mmmm...Torque-e-licious". I also still own my SW TS 156 Turiso:rolleyes: :rolleyes: Until I sell it!! So, a few questions: 1) New car - back wiper doesn't work...
  8. Hello boys and girls

    Introduce Yourself
    Hi folks Joined the forum just to chat with like minded enthusiasts, always had lots of cars - over 400 since I passed my test in 1980, most have been Italian or American, I currently run a 164 QV, 96' GTV TS, Ford Thunderbird V8, Buick Skyhawk V6, Mazda Xedos 9 and Fiat Punto TD. Looking for...
  9. like to say hello guys and girls

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    Id just like to say hello to all you alfa lovers out name is rusty and im abit of a petrol head and love italian motors,ive owned fiats,lancia,s over the last 17yrs everything from the strada arbarth to the sport 131tc, HF turbos,even a fiat regata estate with a 2litre tc lump checked...
  10. Hi to the girls

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    Hi, I've just bought my first Alfa! Are there many girl owners out there?? My husband demands i call it Alfie........apparently no girl names are allowed??!! Just off for a drive in it, albeit only to mum-in-laws for sunday lunch!!
  11. Evening boys and girls!

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    I purchased my first Alfa 7 weeks ago and I have never loved a car this much in years! Speed, comfort and style all rolled into one lovely silver bundle.
  12. someone reversed into my girls gtv (UPDATED WITH PICS)

    General Alfa Discussion
    so the question is will they right it off. if they do i'll buy it back and sort it my self.
  13. someone reversed into my girls gtv

    General Alfa Discussion
    dozy old woman has taken out the rear quarter pannel and some of drivers door while it was parked up (she could of taken out the other side which needed painting lol). its a 2001 2.0 gtv value about £3500 will they right it off like they do with ones with bonnet damage as rear quarter is a...
  14. Girls aloud

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    which one? personally i'd be tempted to go for the "full house". i wouldn't really want to do the ginger task but hey, in for a penny in for a pound as they say
  15. Hello boys and girls

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    My name is Gorazd and come from Slovenia. I'm an alfa owner for 3 years now...and this is what I ride
  16. Any Alfa Girls Around??

    General Alfa Discussion
    i see a lot of women driving alfas on a daily basis, but upto now i havn't really noticed any on here...might be because i only stumbled on a few weeks ago..(and i must say this is a fantastic site all!) im asking all you girls to please shout up, let me know what you...
  17. 147 car mats (hello girls)

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    just got a beautiful car and can not find good quality set of mats anywhere, can anyone help????? cheers
  18. Look after those rims boys and girls

    General Alfa Discussion
    A couple of weeks ago I decided to have a bit of a flog in my car and drove up to Mt. Glorious and Mt. Mee, ( for our Brisbane members). Hit an allmighty pothole but everything seemed fine and drove normally. Had my wheels balanced today and the wheel guy said that the passenger front wheel was...
  19. Look after those rims boys and girls

    Alfa GTA
    Moved to Alfa Discussion
  20. Alfa GTV - not for girls, are they?

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    hello all, my girlfriend is wanting an alfa gtv, and we went to look at one earlier today. Having owned a 156 twinny for a while now, i know a little about the engines, but not gtv's especially... anyway, went to see a car as advertised in autotrader, 96 plate, going for 2.4k (2.0 TS). fired it...