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  1. General Alfa Discussion
    The decline in diesel sales has stopped and Alfa sold 71% more cars last month!
  2. General Motoring Discussion
    I just read this in a VW document “In Germany, the annual per capita CO2 emissions of 9.6 metric tons are twice the international average. In the EU climate package, the biggest emitter in Europe committed to its fellow EU member states to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 40%...
  3. Introduce Yourself
    Hello! It's taken me 12 cars over the last 12 years, but finally I'm the proud owner of an Alfa! It's an '11 AR MiTo (1.4 TB 135 Multiair Veloce) in Alfa Red, been in the family since new so only 39k with full main delaer service hisotry. Plans are keep it running well & looking nice, maybe a...
  4. Alfa Giulia
    Nice review online by the Britain's best loved and read newspaper, "The Sun". They are convinced its a Ferrari with an Alfa badge but rate the car very much. This review...
  5. Alfa Giulia
    Even if they are Italian it's mostly VAG biased magazine. Guess what, the most advertisements are from VAG. Giulia excelled in dynamic tests and although BMW 320d has a M Pack and Giulia does not have a Performance Pack it's a faster car than BMW.
  6. Alfa Giulia
    Alfa Romeo Giulia und Audi A4 im Fahrvergleich - AUTO MOTOR UND SPORT They seem quite impressed.
  7. Alfa 164 & 166
    Well, that wasn't bad then! Over the weekend, my 3 month old VW pukes all its coolant on to the drive. Yesterday afternoon, I wave it goodbye on the back of a recovery truck. "Boss, I've got a problem! The company car's just died and I need to go to Millbrook for this really important and...
  8. Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    I am sorry for sales rules violation if any. Never did it before here... I have a set of alloys ( 4x ) as attached - used, refurbished. Brand: AZEV Type: LS Description: Two piece split unit of forged star ( inner ) and cast wheel connected with StSt bolts ( 20x ). Size: 8,5J*18/5*98/ET32/hub...
  9. General Alfa Discussion
    Hi All A sorry day in my life last Thursday when I called my local Alfa Garage in Newcastle and they have told me that there is probably a delay of at least 18 months to buy a Giulia! Simply not good enough and when I hear that my cousin in Florence is picking up his new Giulia on the 1st...
  10. Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    I just noticed that the centre dash display (above the temp/clock/fuel gauges) on my 156 today reads "Wed 2 Feb". But today is a Tuesday! I checked and the date is definitely set to 02-02-2016 so it didn't jump to a wrong year. It's a Bosch unit, as far as I know. Germans... :devious: :lol...
  11. General Motoring Discussion
    Top EU court to rule in Daimler coolant row | News | DW.COM | 10.12.2015
  12. Alfa Giulia
    According to Automotive News. It's down to the financing and sales process;
  13. General Motoring Discussion
    I hate using the Daily Mail as a link but the Times article is paywalled. Seems Porsche have inserted a throttle response delay of up to 2.5s at around 30mph in order to meet noise pollution test limits. Several drivers reported near accidents when the car didn't respond as expected. Porsche...
  14. South Africa
    I am getting a good deal on a 2012 F30 BMW 320i Sport line.... has some nice extras on it as well.... They are settling the QV with the bank and I end up paying more the R2000 less per month on a car......, which is critical for me since my wife lost her job. :boxedin: I don't want the BMW, but...
  15. Alfa Giulietta
    OK - with an expensive house move on the horizon and 2 children about to go to University in September (one in London), I find my self having to sell my BMW X1 M Sport and Alfa Spider to help "fund things". My head had decided to buy a 3 series probably around a 2011/12, but my heart keeps...
  16. Introduce Yourself
    Hey there, I'm completely new to the world of Alfa ownership. I've driven BMW, Audi, Mercedes for years and finally got bored of all of them. I'd always wanted an Alfa so when the opportunity came up recently I bought myself a 2007 GT 2.0 JTS. I've had a new clutch fitted, cam belt/water pump...
  17. Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Just got home after a few nice holidays nearby Koblenz, Germany. Lately, I had to let go my beloved 1996 1.6 146. Last year made with that wonderful boxer engine. Sounded sweet and was always reliable. So, I went and bought a 2007 147 sporting that 2.0 Twin Spark engine, as I couldn't fint a...
  18. General Alfa Discussion
    Maserati Chief Harald Wester Wants Cars with Soul "the guys I mentioned earlier, are damn good uniforms. Close to perfect pieces of engineering. Good for us they have no soul. They’re f***ing boring. They don’t transmit anything." Well, that's an honest and straightforward answer!
  19. Alfa 159, Brera & Spider
    An old german 159 2.4jtdm road test article: Alfa 159 Sportwagon 2.4 JTDM 20V Distinctive im Dauertest - It looks like they stumble across the usual issues. DPF, rough start etc.
  20. Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    I just read this article and was amused at the presence of all the top German manufacturers; but not a mention of the "unreliable" Alfa's. The UK's most scarily unreliable car revealed
1-20 of 108 Results