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  1. Hi I'm Gary

    Introduce Yourself
    Just got myself my dream car. Giulietta Sportiva. Planning on adding a contactless cradle and a tracker so here to learn from you all
  2. Gary

    Alfa Giulietta
    Has anyone remapped their Veloce? I have a 2016 with 2650 miles and was looking to get a bit more power, and was wondering which route to take.
  3. Cape Town Alfa guys: Gary Green gone?

    South Africa
    hi all. been a bit ill lately and haven't been on the forum. my daughter wanted to book a service with gary green motors yesterday and was told "we are no longer in the motor trade". any info anyone? thanks
  4. Gary's 1.9 ti SW upgrades & transformation

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    Thought I'd start a build thead because it's moreorless having done what every 159 will need doing at this age and some more subjective mods to my own taste. I bought the car a month ago. It's a one owner from new 1.9JTDM Sport Wagon ti. It's a late '08 model so has some of the...
  5. Gary from Leighton Buzzard

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    Hi all, the name is Gary as in the thread title and I own a X reg Alfa 156. Its my second 156 (whats the only replacement for a 156 - another 156!). Regards Gary
  6. Hello! from Gary mk

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    Hi, My name is Gary and i own a1969 1750 GTV . I bought the car and am improving it .I am having fun working on it! Its a bit like a busman"s holiday as i am a truck mechanic by day!I am 37 years old and live in england.
  7. gary white

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    hello im gary pleased to meet you all:
  8. thought I died and gone to Gary heaven

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  9. Where you ever a Gary Boy

    General Alfa Discussion
    Anyone that says "No" is a liar. Factamundo. My name is Rick, and I once went to Dry Street Cruise in Essex (in my Corsa GSi). :o
  10. Gary Marshall (AROC racer)

    General Alfa Discussion
    Does anyone have a contact for this guy ??? Apparently he used to make Vertical Assembly kits for the Silverstone spoiler and splitters etc. Marlon
  11. Alfa Owners who used to be Gary Boys

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