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  1. Back in the Game with another 147!!

    Introduce Yourself
    Morning All! I am back in the Alfa game!! so far I have had 1 147, 3 156's and a GT, and have now just picked up a147 1.6 Collezione 1 of 500 in Stromboli grey. This won't be the daily, I have a C200 for that, and it won't be the showcar, I have a rare MGF to keep original, this is my play...
  2. New Alfa 3D game.

    Alfa Stelvio
  3. Back in the game (some issues)

    Alfa 164 & 166
    After a long time away from Alfa I am back in a 166 2.0 TS but I have some issues. I used to have a lovely silver V6 with the Zender kit and have wanted another for a long time. The clutch is a bit sticky and when driving its sticky trying to select a gear. Works if I double clutch it. Just...
  4. The Generation Game

    Alfa 164 & 166
    My last chamois leather disintegrated the last time I washed the car a few weeks ago, so I binned it. After failing to find a replacement at any of my local petrol stations, I ended up at Halfords where I bought a large microfibre cloth the same size as a chamois but less than half the price...
  5. Fun insurance game

    General Motoring Discussion
    My GTA was insured for £300. A full years insurance for the C63, with the same supplier (Admiral) and same terms, was £500. I am 6 months through the insurance period. Guess how much extra money Admiral wanted to swap to the C63 for the remaining 6 months.
  6. GTA insurance game.

    Insurance Section
    It's that time of year again, so I'm going to throw on here the various quotes I receive from insurers just to show how utterly ludicrous insurance purchasing is. My car is currently insured with Adrian Flux insurance. It cost me £210 for a year's fully comprehensive insurance. I have another...
  7. New to this Alfa game

    Introduce Yourself
    Hi All, I've just become the proud owner of an Alfa Romeo GTV twin spark 16v (1997). It needs a little bit of love but on the whole, I think!! its a good car - it certainly makes me smile.
  8. Servicing game changer?

    General Motoring Discussion
    Ford are about to start providing parts and servicing for other makes... God knows what this will do for warranty claims!? DETROIT -- Ford Motor is expanding its customer service division with a new Omnicraft brand of aftermarket parts to cover non-Ford vehicles. Officials say the addition...
  9. Grid (great racing game) for Free

    The Technology Section
    on Humble Bundle. You need to register to the site (its a great site for cheap games and gives some of the profits to charity), and you also need a steam account. worth it though :)
  10. Game over, she is up for sale.

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    Well, thats it. 5 years in and I have had enough. We have bought a brand new Mini Cooper S and the Brera has to go. See below... and here...
  11. Best Video Game Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2015 · PSN ...

    General Motoring Discussion
    Best Video Game Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2015 · PSN ...
  12. 166 v6: The "what are these called" and "which screws do you use here" game!

    Alfa 164 & 166
    166 v6: The "what are these called" and "which screws do you use here" game! Have a look at the attached photo (grabbed off the web). The red circles (if you can call them that) should indicate the two screws on each end of the plastic cover that covers the radiator etc. The four screws in the...
  13. Project cars the game

    The Technology Section
    Is anyone playing this? thoughts? ive just ordered a copy however im hearing very mixed reviews. i'm really looking forward to the challenge though. im going to be using a steering wheel tto as that seems to be the way to go now. :thumbup:
  14. Nintendo Game & Watch

    The Technology Section
    Who remembers these then....? A Guide to the Nintendo Game & Watch Handheld Games - Classic 80's Retro Our form tutor had some and we were allowed to play 'em if we'd been good little school kids, once in a while. :D
  15. Just for Fun- Guessing Game

    Alfa MiTo
    Alright folks....... Took my car to main Alfa dealer in Glasgow today and got the following done. Lets see how close you can get to the exact price i ended up paying. I'll post up the price this time tomorrow. MOT- passed, no work required Gold service......service was all usual stuff but...
  16. Unauthorised in game purchases on XBox360

    The Technology Section
    For 3 months now we have been going round in circles with Microsoft and EA Sports, to no avail however wonder if anyone will be able to advise. I'll try to keep it brief. Christmas time my boy gets XBox360 and FIFA14. Happy days. Fast forward a month and as part of his 10th Birthday present we...
  17. Anybody wanna play a game?

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    Ok, back when I was a biker we played a game on the forum ....... Still reading, good. Here's how we play. I post a picture of my GTV with something and I choose what you have to post with yours. The first person to respond then chooses the next challenge. So if I start …. A picture of your...
  18. Anyone for a game of chicken with Fords...

    General Motoring Discussion
    Wanna run someone over in your next Ford? No dice, it won't let you "You're driving down the road and a pedestrian or something comes out from either side of your vehicle in your peripheral vision where you don’t have a good look at it then obstacle avoidance can sense that that object is...
  19. Isit me or do u think Alfa need to up their Game.

    General Alfa Discussion
    I do love alfas i think the car speaks for itself but i think they really need to get on board alil i have a GT and ive been in love with it ever since i 1st saw it at the excel car show in london yeeaarrss ago but i feel compared to another manufacturer they are way behind in terms of...
  20. Racing game: Grid 2

    The Technology Section
    Think it's safe to say it'll have Alfa's in it: Grid 2 preview - driving disciplines clash in Codies' story-driven racer | PC Gamer