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  1. Hi guys n gals

    General Alfa Discussion
    So I've been away for a good 6 years but I've seen a really nice 147 for sale and I'm really tempted, dude seems like a legit alfa guy any thing I should check on the car? Looks mint in the pics. Miss my 156.šŸ˜
  2. Hi guys and gals

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    Hi everyone, got my 159 TBI TI August 1st. Love her to bits although she is giving me a tough time with batteries at the moment.
  3. Att 159 V6 guys and Gals

    South Africa
    So as some of you may or may not know, a few of us are looking at getting some more power out of the V6's the guys over the sea are doing allot to these motors. the first thing is obviously exhaust. Nishen at TM stainless has now developed 2 types of pipes. mine being the more conservative with...
  4. Hi guys and gals

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    Hi huys just a quick hello from me in Norfolk. heres my alfa gtv 2.0 ts in green with 17" alloys. Spent the day on the bonnet with some wet and dry and a lot of buffing using various products. Looking good ey james
  5. hi guys n gals

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    hi every one , not really up on all this technical stuff so bear with me :D from kerry in s ireland , driving a 2002 1.6 156 , owned for almost a year and loving it ,:thumbs:
  6. Hi Guys and Gals

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    Hi there my name is Anthony and i think i am getting the Alfa Bug! Bye for now
  7. hi guys and gals

    Introduce Yourself
    been watching and reading these forums for probably about two years or more now and you guys (and gals) have been very imformative and a great help :) im on my fourth alfa in as many years and once again youve helped me out. just like to say thanks and ive finally joined the club. not the most...
  8. Hey guys n' gals - 156 JTS

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    Hello, Just joined the forum so thought i would do a quick introduction. Im stuart from kilmarnock ( near glasgow ) and i drive a 156 JTS, 2004. I've had it for around 3 - 4 months after selling my clio 197 due to a pay cut. Overall i would say my feelings towards my car are "meh" i think it...
  9. Hey guys and gals

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    Hey my names Ross and I have just bought my first alfa romeo a few months back (52 plate 156). its had a few teething problems but nothing serious atall.:thumbs: (touch wood) lol
  10. Thinking of selling (thinking) what she worth guys and gals?

    Alfa 33, Sud & Sprint
    Does anyone know what I might get for my sud. It's a 1.3 ti registered on 1st July 1984 but with high lifting cams. I just had Michele at Italtec tune it up a months or so ago. it has about the same power as a 1.5ti unit It has long MOT until next july and few months tax. It is rust free...
  11. Hi Guys and Gals- Slight problem with my Fuel Pump

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    I have recently bought a new fuel pump as i thought my last one was faulty.. turns out the pumps are fine... as the new one had the same problem!! I dont hear any priming when i turn the ignition and i have tried the fuel cut of button under the ps seat.... i changed the relay in the engine bay...
  12. Hi guys n gals

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    Bought a 2002 Alfa 156 a few months ago. Took it to a local garage, one that was recommended to me by a friend, for a full service and check over but they forgot/didn't bother to check cam belt. I didn't want to take it back again as I was a bit pissed off with their service. Last weekend cam...
  13. Hi guys and gals

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    Hi there. glad to be a member. Go easy on me as this is my first time:):rolleyes:
  14. Howdy guys and gals

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    Howdy guys and gals, just a quick hello, i have purchased a 156 2.0 turismo this week so far so good, a few little niggling problems but i'm kinda used to things not being 100% as i also own an italian motorbike, anyhow nice to be here will post up some of me problems see if any of you folks can...
  15. Hello guys and gals

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    Just a brief note to say hi. I've owned Alfas, and other Italian cars, since the mid eighties. Back when it cost GBP Ā£15 to a fill an Alfasud's tank. Since then I've owned: Alfasud - brilliant Fiat Ritmo (Strada) 105 - horrible, horrible car Alfasud - not as brilliant as the first one, never...
  16. Hi guys and gals!

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    Hey fellow Alfarians, Just thought I'd say hello. My names Jim, I live in Lincoln and I'm the (very) proud owner of a 147 2.0l lusso. I'll get some pictures uploaded soon but it's pretty standard apart from the optional extras the previous owner fitted. This is my second Alfa, my first being a...
  17. hi guys and gals

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    Just joined on the forum. Have owned 4 75's over the last 19 years, currently owning LE for nearly 12 years. Living in Canterbury, not seeing many examples now.
  18. Hello guys and gals!

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    Good evening everyone, Just thought i would say hello, i don't own an Alfa . . . . . . yet, the reason i'm here is that i have just done some detailing work on a 156 GTa and got a chance to drive it a wee bit, what an awesome car:) It got me interested in what it was so i did a bit of reading...
  19. Hi guys & gals

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    Hi, just joined & wanted to put my first post up, I'm currently running a vw corrado vr6 which i have ownd for about a year now & i must admit i do love it especially the v6 growl:eek: , but i have never been one to stick with my cars for too long & i am seriously loving the look of the GTV, so...
  20. hi guys and gals

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    oppo here proud owner of a 156 tspark 2.0 2001