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  1. Gabbiano Blue 147 GTA Progress Thread "Martha"

    Alfa GTA
    I decided I would like to start a progress blog, to document the ups and downs and work done throughout my journey with my car. I hope they are allowed in this section of the forum, if not someone feel free to move it. I don't often name my cars, but I've decided to call this one "Martha"...
  2. Gabbiano blue gta- what colour wheels?

    Alfa GTA
    Help needed. If you have pics of gabbiano blue with non std colour teledials please upload pics. Thankyou
  3. Gabbiano Blue 147 GTA after a wash

    Alfa GTA
    Gave my car a good clean yesterday, and even gave it a bit of claying after having loads of rubber marks from the last track day. Took a few rushed photos on my phone, so not the best.. love the glassy finish you get from claying. Next up is repainting the calipers. fewleh's Photostream
  4. Getting my first alfa -a Gabbiano Blue 147 JTD Lusso

    Introduce Yourself
    Hello, I'm getting my first Alfa on Monday. A Gabbiano Blue 2003 147 JTD Lusso. I would greatly appreciate any tips on problems to look out for during a test drive and whilst looking round it. Thanks in advance, Ali
  5. Alfa 147 Touch Up Paint 693 Azzurro Gabbiano

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Hi, A touch up pen I ordered through Alfa Accessories has just arrived. I have a 2001 147 lusso in the standard metallic blue. According to the sticker in the boot the paint is 693 Azzurro Gabbiano. But when it has arrived it looks grey and not blue. Have I made a mistake somewhere or is it...
  6. WANTED- drivers door alfa 147 3dr Gabbiano blue!!!

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Hi guys Had an annoying oval shape dent on my drivers door for a while, which I thought wouldnt be a problem for a paintless dent removal place but for some reason it seems like they dont want to touch it... maybe its too large for them to get their moneys worth from it im not sure... its not...
  7. Need a small pot of Gabbiano Blue, where find?

    Car Detailing
    Any ideas where I can get a small pot of Gabbiano paint mixed up? It's for a repair I have done (jacking damage on one of the sills :rolleyes: ). It's all primed and ready for the finishing touch.
  8. polishing gabbiano blue

    General Alfa Discussion
    Hello, My Alfa is gabbiano blue, I just wondered what other GB owners wax/polish with for effective results?
  9. Where to buy paint? Metallic Azzurro Gabbiano

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Hi all I'm having to repair cracked bumper, and need to get hold of the right paint, Metallic Azzurro Gabbiano. Where is the cheapest place to buy? Halfords dont seem to do AR paints.. is there anywhere online where you can buy 500ml spray cans.? Or a close match colour that I can buy in...
  10. Gabbiano Blue Touch up Pen

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Hi guys, does anyone know where I can order one of these online, to be shipped to the UK? M3ckon
  11. My Gabbiano Blue GT

    Motoring Images
    OK, a little later than I planned, but here are some photos of my new GT. I'm no photographer and the constant showers in the last couple of days meant I had to grab these between downpours! And yes, it needs a proper wash & polish! :tut: The spec : 1.9 JTDm Gabbiano Blue 16" spokes Blue...
  12. Azzurro Gabbiano + Red Leather

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Guys and gals, I desperately need a photo of an Alfa 147 with Azzurro Gabbiano and Red leather upholstery. I know Chappy has one, but I think he hasn't been on AO since we all went to the "black side". Anyone out there can help me?