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  1. Bleeding the brakes - advice part 2 getting frustrated

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    All, The saga continues. I’ve just had a third go at bleeding these bleeding brakes on my 2008 Brera. Still with no success. For the second time I’ve bleed the brakes, 4 wheels off, on stands. Bleed the 4 callipers and the junction box fixed to the bulkhead. Brakes good, plenty of resistance...
  2. Frustrated Alfa owner, newbie post

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Hi everyone my first post as a born again Alfa owner ( I had a beautiful Sud Sprint 20 years ago) . I have a 156 JTD 1.9, It loses power at about 3200 revs,and appears to go into limp mode ie loss of power/ acceleration. teh fault clears once the engine is turned off I have 3 fault codes...
  3. Alternator Maybe??

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    First time user on this forum and would like some help. I have a 159 3.2 V6 Q 2008 year model. I hand an accident on the 14th of August, the insurance company took the car to their preferred smash repairer who replaced all with new parts. Damage was front number, hood, headlights, etc... There...
  4. frustrated alfa owner!!!!!!!

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    :confused:please help! i have a 159 jtdm 2.4 lusso.....luuurve this car...with a passion! can somebody tell me why the dpf filter and egr valve are constantly playing up????? i am sick of taking it to the garage only to be told theres nothing wrong..(alfa dealer...not cheap!) loss of...
  5. frustrated alfa owner!!!!!!!

    Introduce Yourself
    HELP!!!! i have an alfa 159 jtdm lusso,2.4......we call him the beast....unfortunately of late, he refuses to go fast...why oh why do we have to constantly thrash him to prevent the dpf and egr valve buggering up???? engine management light will go on and off constantly!!!!!!! he wont respond in...
  6. Frustrated

    Alfa GTA
    Was going to swap my 2005 1.9 JTD 16v SW with 107.000km for a mint 2003 GTA SW with the same 107.000km on the clock. Great condition, well looked after and from the local alfa dealer. Sadly a young hippie saw it first and is trying to buy it. If his bank will give him the needed credit it will...
  7. Frustrated - Nothing open on saturdays.

    South Africa
    Need to have my exhaust fixed, but no one is open on a saturday! All the car/modification places are closed on saturdays, which I kinda understand but what am I supposed to do? Take a leave day everytime I want something done on my car? Then have none left when I want to go on holiday...
  8. Help for a Frustrated Owner

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Some might be aware ive suffered from a intermittent powerloss below 2k rpm on my GT JTD, Like the turbo wont spool up and then goes crazy after 2k rpm. It lacks power in every gear. For the 8th time it went in this morning because the problem came back and stayed:cry: CAn anyone just...
  9. Frustrated New Owner 159

    Introduce Yourself
    Hi people my name is Chix (that is 'really' my name), I live in Salisbury in the UK. I took delivery of a brand new 159 (company car - I'm not loaded ;)) on Tuesday and.... It looks great.. It drives wonderfully.... It's comfortable... It's fast !.... BUT .. The Audio-Navigation system is...
  10. Frustrated new Alfa owner :o)

    Introduce Yourself
    Hi all I'm Nikki and I brought my first Alfa on Saturday :) a beautiful 156 2.0 sports wagon :inlove: My OH is also a member here (last car Alfa 75 3L) and has been an Alfa fan for years & now I've caught the bug. We've just had a baby boy and called him Alfie & our border collie puppy is...
  11. getting a little less frustrated

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    Got an alfa 156 Ts after my saab did the big ends. drove the alfa for 34 miles and the head gasket went:mad: Long story but decided to bite the bullet and do it myself - I cant say it was easy but it certainly is not beyond the wit of man - anyway car running perfectly now, smooth, quiet and...
  12. Frustrated beyond belief - HELP!

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    :cry:You know when you buy an Alfa that you can expect odd issue or two. In the past 6 cars I have managed to fix squeaks and rattles (even the tailgate rattle on the GT) I have a beautiful 3.2Q4 Qtronic 159 in Alfa Red and its superb...but....when I get to 70mph/120Kmh I get a metallic noise...
  13. Frustrated ipod user!

    ICE & Blue&Me
    Hiya, newbie to this site...but 3rd Alfa. Should have found this years ago! Got a GT with the Sat Nav head unit. Got an ipod attachment cable. All good. I've read the various threads and playlists works as designed, excellent. However, I can't see anywhere how you set the ipod/head unit to...
  14. Mr Frustrated

    Introduce Yourself
    Hi, Starting to get a bit frustrated withmy 147. Lots of niggles starting to appear! ghljh
  15. Frustrated Hello!!

    Introduce Yourself
    Hi all, Am i glad to have found this site!!! I have just had a major catatrosphe in my new(ish) 156. Two weeks after purchasing this fine motor and 1000 miles past 60K the cam belt broke (i'll never let the wife drive again!!). Got it towed to the garage and was told the valves were bent...
  16. Hi all im a frustrated Alfa owner

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    Hi My name is Gary I have owened my 156 Turismo for 2 yrs off reliable motoring, however I think I may need the help off some off you more experianced / technically minded owners
  17. Frustrated Alfer owner/lover

    Introduce Yourself
    You cant help loving the the cars but hate the problems ! . If i said i have spent more on my alfa than its worth then from reading the bloggs before joining then i don,t think i am on my own ? ha ( Only one Ha ) the rest are on here ! he he !. I hope joining you all helps me stay a Alfer lover...
  18. Frustrated 147 owner!

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    Hi, I have owned an Alfa 147 (Gibralta import) since 2004 (new) and I absolutely love my car. However, I have had so many problems with it which is such a pity as the car goes like a dream and always manages to turn heads. Does anyone know how I would go about talking to the manufacturer...
  19. frustrated 156 owner

    Introduce Yourself
    Hi there ,I'm a proud owner of a 156 1.8 t spark .I'm having bother with it though ,tends to missfire when warmed up .Just replaced the CAT and am about to fit a new set of coils, will this help or could there be something else apart from plugs ?
  20. frustrated of salford!

    Introduce Yourself
    hi all! my 156 2.0 jts is driving me to distraction, but that's about the only place it's going just now! was browsing the threads and i'm not sure if i should be relieved or alarmed that everything wrong with my car appears to be a fairly common fault! I've got the dreaded "motor control...