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  1. Frosty ....

    Motoring Images
    The Giluietta this morning :D
  2. Some pics of Frosty

    South Africa
  3. Frosty Sunday Morning - Jan 2012

    Non Motoring Images
    frosty sunday morning stroll Jan 2012 pictures by profane-chimp - Photobucket :) 2 mins from my front door - highland cattle and all
  4. Hi From a Frosty Norwich

    Introduce Yourself
    Just thought I'd say hello, I'm Colin Just bought a 156 V6 for very little money and will be hopefully having the belt,pump ect done in the new year I'm sure I'll drive you all mad with daft questions:thumbs: Anyway that's all for now sorry about the naff intro. Colin.
  5. Frosty the snoman......

    South Africa
    Dude to you and your wife.. happy anniversary buddy oh ya Lees jy nog my SMS????
  6. frosty the snoman.. it looks better in black..

    South Africa
  7. Frosty morning in my GT

    Motoring Images
    Decided to go for a little drive the other morning with my lad, thought I would get a couple of pics before it got durty thanks to a 200 mile drive yesterday:( Gives me somethin to dothis weekend;)
  8. Frosty windows

    Poll Room
    My neighbour laughed at me scraping this morning, while he poured a kettle full of hot water on his screen. Who's got the right idea?
  9. Frosty Morning

    North West
    Don't know if it it just the Christmas spirit that's getting to me but the frost on the 156 was stunning this morning.
  10. Frosty mornings - door opening problem

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    I would like to ask you which substance you use to grease the window/door rubber when the winter is. I really have a big problem sometimes with opening the Alfa Romeo GT's doors on the cold and frosty mornings. Thank you in advance for your help!
  11. Frosty Brera......Brrrrrr

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  12. very frosty car

    General Alfa Discussion
    Hi guys, My car is completely covered in a thick layer of several days frost & snow. Went to start it this morning, after not moving it for 6 days, and coudn't get in to it. The remote button on the key fob activates the central locking but as soon as the buttons pop up..they pop back down...