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  1. Car names for a friendly, kinder, road space.

    General Motoring Discussion
    With very aggressive looking cars on the road labelled with equally aggressive names, maybe it’s time for a gentler, softer approach to driving; one that can start with car names. Here’s your chance to come up with some car names you think would make the world a better place. Usual rules apply -...
  2. Ethanol. Is it boxer friendly?

    Alfa 145 & 146
    A new headache. From 01.01.2019 the petrol sold throughout my country must contain 1% for 2019 and 3% from 2020 onwards. I don't care whether it improves the perfornance or not, my concern is the effect, longterm or shorterm, on the fuel system, the engine, etc since ethanol is considered...
  3. Range Rover rude. Fiesta friendly

    General Motoring Discussion
    A new survey ranks the drivers for friendliness Drivers of these cars have been declared the rudest on Britain's roads | City A.M.
  4. 159 not long journey friendly?

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    So I was gonna try swapping my 159 for something a bit bigger but she still has that hook on me that I still turn round when I walk away from her ? Anyway I'm off to eurodisney soon from Edinburgh and now realise what an un-long journey friendly car it is. 1 12v socket and a joke for a cup...
  5. Custom Induction (or stay away?) / MAF / Flat Spot Advice (Friendly please haha)

    Alfa Giulietta
    Hi all, I seem to have been on here a lot lately, but on the plus side of bugging you lot... its a friendly place to be! haha I have recently made a custom induction to fit the Cloverleaf (all kudos for this must go to Twanspider as I followed his instructions and advice. His write up on his...
  6. Alfa friendly MOT station - Bournemouth/Poole

    South Central
    Hi, Does anyone know a friendly MOT station in the Bournemouth and Poole area? It's a long trek up to AHM every year for the MOT :( Ta, Ian A. My car: 159 with AHM F1 map
  7. Baby Porche Cayenne not very moose friendly

    General Motoring Discussion Whoops. At least it doesn't try and roll-over like the original A-Class. :lol:
  8. How alfa friendly is your other half

    General Alfa Discussion
    Well show and tell this is my dining table so how understanding is your partner?
  9. Alfa friendly body/paint shop - West Mids

    Alfa MiTo
    Hi, Can any one advise / recommend a Alfa friendly body repair / paint work shop, in the Kidderminster to Telford areas. Just looking at getting all those car park dings and scraps repaired on my wife's 4 year old- 74000 mile, Alfa red MiTo. If and when the weather improves? Thanks
  10. Friendly Reminder: Clean your brake system regularly

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    Been having some squeaking brake issues for the past few months and finally got round to fixing the issue the other day. Gave the pads and calipers a nice clean with a wire brush and then some fine grit sandpaper and dear god, the amount of crap that came off them was unbelievable. From the...
  11. MOT due... any 'friendly' ones left?

    General Alfa Discussion
    MOT is due Whilst it passed the last MOT, with squeeking bushes, im not so sure this year Is there still such a thing as a 'friendly' MOT centre anywhere near Ashby/liecester/northampton/coventry/rugby? I need a test ASAP, either that or I pot luck in these areas :/ Ive heard council MOT...
  12. Nuvelo GTA Friendly warning

    Alfa GTA
    Okay guys, yesterday I made a 450 mile round trip to view a Nuvelo White 147 GTA. This is the advert for the car... Nuvelo White GTA I asked all the questions and all seemed in order. Spoke on the phone and I was told the car was in immaculate condition with FULL service history. The day before...
  13. Just your friendly neighborhood car-racing spiderman

    Alfa MiTo
    And he's driving a mito:p Will post some more if wanted
  14. Alfa Friendly Pub Landlord with Pedigree in Derbyshire

    East Midlands
    No pun intended of course! My local recently changed hands. Much to my surprise the owner is a Brera driver and keeps a great pint of Marstons'. Easy to find. superbly clean, and good conversation always on tap (!) from this professional couple. Bell and Harp, Coxbench, near Little Eaton...
  15. 'Friendly' Garages in Surrey?

    South East
    Hello all - just wondering if anyone knows any 'friendly' specialists in or close to Surrey who like being paid in cash by any chance, if you know what I mean? Preferably ones that don't involve me driving around the M25 at rush hour from Weybridge? Feel free to PM if you have any extra special...
  16. Alfa friendly garage near Aberdeen?

    North Scotland
    I just go shafted by my local MoT tester, guy who used to be nice quit & it's now a guy I beat up in school when I was 9 (he was a cheeky little ****) & he seems to be holding a grudge by taking an hour & a half to MoT a car & then fail it on bearings that were replaced 2 years ago, ****. So...
  17. Friendly Advice to MiTo owners

    Alfa Romeo Cyprus Club
    Dear all, I am too a Mito owner and recently decided to give alfa romeo offices a call about the 'every 3000km' oil check up. I just wanted to know at which of these 3000km there will be an oil change. The lady told me that there is no need for an oil change until the 10000km mark is reached...
  18. What paint friendly glue for my badge?

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    Whilst washing my car the T from the silver badge on the right of the boot has come off, what glue to stick it back on that won't damage the paint? ta
  19. Alfa Friendly Garages near Spalding

    Good Morning all I have recently moved my Spider & 156 up to the Spalding area, and I'm not familiar with local Alfa specialists. Could any forimite please recommend a local garage who is Alfa friendly and good value please. The 156 has decided it wold like a new wheel bearing to celebrate...
  20. For sale: Near-new Alpine stereo/speakers – GTV friendly!

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    Guys I'm now returning the car's stereo/speakers to standard so my upgraded kit is now for sale. I researched loads for the right products for the GTV, so if any of you GTV owners are looking to upgrade the head unit and speakers, what I have will slot straight in. Spec: Front speakers...