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  1. Fraser

    South Scotland
    Bloody hell, what fantastic pictures that dropped through the letterbox this morning, thank you so much, sure as damn killed off this weeks 'sell the 155' thoughts..:D:thumbs::D
  2. Alexander Fraser Photography

    South Scotland
    Have a look
  3. Fraser's Help for Heroes support

    North West
    Greetings all :) A fine AO veteran named Fraser is doing a monster cycle and mountain climbing tour soon for the Help for Heroes charity and is asking for our support. Full details can be found in this thread I...
  4. Come and see Fraser's photos at Cloud 9

    South Scotland
    :D I am very proud to be hosting Fraser's first photographic exhibition here at Cloud 9 Studio Gallery. He is exhibiting a collection of essentially Scottish photographs; some landscape, some abstract. The exhibition starts on Saturday 3rd March with Fraser on hand to chat about his work and...
  5. Big thanks to Fraser!

    General Alfa Discussion
    I received my tickets today!!! Thanks to Fraser for sending me them... I shall be there early Sunday, Photos will be taken... Taking the old Dad with me...Good times! Cheers Fraser
  6. A big cat - specially for Fraser

    Non Motoring Images
    This was taken in 1989 at a game lodge in South Africa. It was taken with an old manual focus Nikon F3. I really dislike the ring-like artifacts which arose from using a mirror lens. I have not used such a lens since.
  7. Good Luck Fraser

    South Scotland
    I'm away all day tomorrow, so I thought I'd best say this now in case I don't get the chance before Sunday. Just watch out for those pesky bike-hating drivers out there. Fortunately, they're easily identified as they have the symbol below incorporated into their car's logo, :lol:
  8. Just to shut Fraser up - ordered a Ti

    General Alfa Discussion
    As it says, Find out later if its red or grey, wanted any colour except black, the dealer is having a hunt round to see what he can find, there are only a few left in the country and as we know, the factory's shut. More later. P.S 2.4 manual 210.
  9. Fraser, you could be right

    Motoring Images
    In my front garden today (22/11/07) I was more than a little surprised to see daffodils are already coming up :eek:
  10. My new 159 arrives soon - I'm as bad as Fraser!

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    Hi All, I cannot believe I have been reduced to the state of an 8 year old on Christmas eve but my new 159 Sportwagon arrives soon. :D It's in Bristol, and should be out the week of the 18th June sometime. I know it's pitiful for a grown man to become an utter car bore but I am so looking...
  11. Fraser!!!!!

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    tell Us About Your New 159 Sw!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Fraser, the man behind the shades

    Introduce Yourself
    Forum name Fraser Real name Fraser Age Rapidly approaching 47 Occupation Geogo.......goleo....gogolo...rock basher Lives East Kilbride, Scotland Marital Status Married What cars do you drive and why? Alfa Romeo 156 2.4 Mjet. I can’t see past the charisma of Alfas at the moment...
  13. Fraser's Dark Chariot

    Motoring Images
    Took these this evening, hope you enjoy...