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  1. Introduce Yourself
    Hi everyone, First, sorry for my bad english, I am a french people, so everybody know that we are bad in other language (not just with english...) and I am trying to do best at all. I recently bought a 2006 Alfa Romeo Brera 2.2 JTS. I really love this car at the moment. This is my first Alfa...
  2. Introduce Yourself
    Hello i have Hello a alfa giulietta 170cv multiair 2012 with 102 000 km. I am 46 and live near Rennes in France (Britain).
  3. Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    Hi, anyone able to recommend an Alfa mechanic near Cognac in the Charente region of France? Car needs a timing belt and variator. But will one day probably need more specialist work so want to get to know them.
  4. Introduce Yourself
    Hi, i m Anthony from France, i drive a blue daytona 156 gta. I m searched parts and i find this forum Sorry for my english ?
  5. The Classic Alfa Romeos
    I have my eye on a Campagnolo Wheel, but it is in France. The vendor suggested sending it by "Mondial Relay" but this seems to be a Parcel company limited to France, and Belgium. Is there a link-up between Mondial Relay and any of our Parcel places or is it a case of post office/HDL/UPS as...
  6. Introduce Yourself
    All, Happy to be here to discuss about mechanic and nice cars. Alfa is for me 2000 GT veloce, Alfeta and Montreal! However, I have my son 159 jtdm at home with a big issue… See you soon in the dedicated forum :rotate:
  7. Introduce Yourself
    Hi, I live in France and passionate for the Alfa brand. Got several models from 156 1.8 ts, 2,5 v6 to GTV V6 3L and Giulietta 1.4 MA. This forum seems to be a gold mine with a lot of info so here i am. ? Have a nice day folks.
  8. Motoring Images
    The wife and I have just got back from an epic trip down to the south of France in my 916 Spider (Sid). Other than a few minor issues the car performed perfectly. It was a pleasure to drive throughout (particularly on Route Napoleon) and even turned a few heads in Monaco! We saw plently of...
  9. The Classic Alfa Romeos
    Building on a great trip to Northern Spain last year we have Booked 10 days in France in June in the Spider , down to Loire and La Rochelle on the coast , Lots of stops some nice hotels not too much driving between locations . Car been serviced and loved. Thoughts please .. What spares...
  10. General Motoring Discussion
    First private speed radar cars hit French streets - The Connexion Hmmmm... I've an idea! An Uber style speed enforcement service ... ? Discuss ...
  11. Alfa 164 & 166
    So I started watching a load of Lance Armstrong videos yesterday on Youtube and have to say those red Alfa 166 course cars look sensational, with their head lights ablaze in the French scenery.
  12. General Motoring Discussion
    Court ruling means that police will now be able to ticket les-têtes-de-bite divers who stop on the road to talk on their phones without using HF. :thumbs:
  13. Introduce Yourself
    hello I'm french, near paris. i don't have alfa but i will have a new punto hgt. My old car obtained 145ch on dyno. i build a new engine now. With turbo charger :thumbu p:
  14. General Motoring Discussion
    Hi All, I made a little movie from my dashcam footage of my recent trip through France. This section is just through the Savoy, the scenery is stunning so thought I'd share :)
  15. General Motoring Discussion
    I would like to ask how France (or anyone else) can decide to ban fossil fuel cars by 2040? 1) This is not a decision they could easily make and is all rhetoric for publicity? 2) Is it not a free market so consumers make their own decisions? 3) Will they impose a new law so that it's a criminal...
  16. Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    I will be moving to France next month and will be taking my Spider. In order to be able to re register my car on French plates I have been told I will need to change the headlights for left hand drive version, due to driving on the opposite side of the road. Are there specific left hand drive...
  17. Alfa Giulia
    Guys, I was in France (my home country) over the weekend and I learned something worrying. For those who didn't know yet, France unmarked cars were not "efficient". At a cost of Eur 30,000 to fit the onboard speed camera, those cars were only very seldomly used (once a week on average). So the...
  18. Introduce Yourself
    Hi. I'm English living in central France, on empty twisting roads. I recently bought my first Alfa, having owned quite a few Lancias over the years. I bought a 2006 147 1.9 JTD for my wife, her mid life crisis car to join my Porsche 996 MLC car. However, I love driving the Alfa, and enjoy any...
  19. Introduce Yourself
    Hello boy's, I'm LoRZo from France I'm living near Lyon, not so far from the alps. My actual car is an Alfa Romeo GT JTD from 2005 with 207000km. I'm looking to change it, but don't worrie i will stay with you because i'm looking on a 159 SW 2.2 JTS selespeed. Cheers, Wishing you a good...
  20. Introduce Yourself
    Hi everyone - particularly fellow 916 GTV drivers! My name is Matt, I'm 41 and live in a tiny village in south-west France called St.Lizier (you can situate us here...
1-20 of 202 Results