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  1. Mito mirror frame

    Alfa MiTo
    Hi, Im new here. Is it possible to replace the mirror frame only and not the housing, as I was trying to replace my mirror covers one of the pins inside the frame has broken.:mad:
  2. 164 sub frame removal/replacement

    Alfa 164 & 166
    hi, anyone ever changed a rear 164 sub frame, any advice welcome. in order/sequence of ,. manual style. like. thanks in advance.
  3. Plastic frame for gear gaiter!!!

    Alfa MiTo
    Hi guys I have been trying to hunt down a new plastic surround for the gear gaiter in my mito with no luck so far just wondering if anyone could help with where to get one or no of a gaiter I can buy for the gears and handbrake that will come with do a surround. Thank you in advance
  4. Plastic Gaiter Frame

    Alfa MiTo
    Anyone know where I can get the square plastic gaiter frame for the Mito? Mine disintegrated when I replaced the leather boot I just spoke to my local dealer and they want £80 for it! :lol::lol::lol:
  5. HEELP!! need gaiter frame for my mito.

    Alfa MiTo
    Hi guys So I get in my mito today change the gear into reverse and the gaiter frame pops off looks like there was only one clip left holding it on I have looked everywhere and can not find a replacement if anyone can help direct to the right place will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  6. Spider front Frame Guard

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    I got under my 98 Spider as there seems to be an exhaust leak (there was) After looking around it appears is a frame guard missing. After looking on a few sites it seems to be part # 51787454 does any one have a used good condition spare? I found the middle silencer pipe had a 1" dia hole in...
  7. Rusty sub frame

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    Thought I'd share my subframes on my alfa 159 ti 2007 Got car on ramps today to treat underneath and pleased to say that only very minor surface rust here and there , she's only. Got 21k so was hoping it would be pretty good . Noticed I had a slightly leaky pipe ( see in the pics) ,am clueless...
  8. finally got hold of a 159 sub frame

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    cost a bit though, £250 used. its about to undergo sand blasting and priming (£48), then im going to stick 3 layers of hammerite paint on the bugger. should everything go to plan ill be doing the same with my original sub frame then selling it, if anyone is interested? :)
  9. Sum frame off :-)

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    All on all went very well! Exhaust bolts. - pro gas and go in with with an air gun with the bolts - did the trick! The one I snapped is the one I used heat and a wrench! Now. - how the hell am I gonna out it back together lol. ( subframe). I could: Use a jack and help align it up. Use...
  10. Sub frame photos

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    Hi, Thought you might like to see these. I hope I have done this right and you can see the photos. I took my sump guard off about 2 months ago to do an oil change. I could not attach it back to car so have been driving about without it . This is now the state of the sub frame. It was bad when I...
  11. front sub frame

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    after i serviced my car the other week, i noticed the front sub frame to be alarmingly rusty, given its age. so im going to take it off, sand it down, paint it and cover it in 'gloop' question is, is the frame holding anything up ie the radiator, that may come tumbling down when i take the...
  12. Sub frame removal

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Does anyone have a step by step guide to taking off the sub frame on a gt, 156 and 147 are the same. Looking at it, it looks like a very easy job........? Am I wrong lol?
  13. 159 Rusty sub frame

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    This is a 159 we have in the workshop today, the sub frames on these cars are really going to be a problem. We will be getting them repaired and powder coated Ned
  14. How to deal with bad rust on alfa 159 sub frame

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    Hi all, Had a few issues with car. Removed sump guard to do what I needed. It was not easy due to rusted in screws. There was no middle screw in the sump guard as no sub frame to screw it to as the rust fairy has had it away. To cut to the chase the sub frame is rotten. Badly rotten. The...
  15. Rear sub frame

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    Some advice please from those of you with intimate knowledge of your sub frames. I have a spare sub frame that I want to strip and refurbish with new parts as required. Once finished I will swap it over on my car. Anyway, I've started removing everything and have noticed this I am presuming...
  16. Radio frame

    ICE & Blue&Me
    Hi! I have Alfa Romeo 159 without NAVI. I would like to buy an aftermarket radio but i dont know witch size? one is 180x100 and one 172x98 I found frame for 172x98. Is there a frame for 180x100?
  17. removing sub frame 156 2.4 jtd

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    I started to remove the sub frame to do my clutch, I removed the exhaust the middle bit do I need to remove the full system? The subframe looks as though it goes right back to the heat shield there's 4 nuts near the start of the heat shield where exhaust joins can if that makes sence,can I...
  18. Hood and frame fitting

    The Classic Alfa Romeos
    I've got a secondhand hood and frame for my spider and was looking for suggestions/advice on fitting. The hood is already fitted to the frame, so hopefully I'll just have to bolt it into the door post and fasten it around the back and sides. Needless to say, on removing the old hood almost all...
  19. 164 Rear Sub Frame Woes!

    Alfa 164 & 166
    Does anybody know the dimensions of the rear subframe for a 164? I think I've found one but the breaker is far away and won't send via courier. I think I can get a courier to pick it up but they need the length, height, width and weight. The breaker won't take it off to find out and neither...
  20. Slack in the seat frame

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    Just taken out my drivers seat to investigate the free movement on the left hand side of the backrest. I thought it was going to be a cracked frame or something like that. It seems that the problem is there is slack in the pivot where the 2 metal frames join together. There is marks on this...