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  1. Giulietta - Learning from the Dodge Dart forums

    Alfa Giulietta
    I've been thinking about this. The Dodge Dart (.org) forums are very active, and the community has tons of mods (CDV delete, lightweight flywheel, 4C/1750 coils and so on). The Dart itself is based on a modified G platform, and many have the 1.4 MultiAir in combination with the C635 gearbox in...
  2. New to forums looking for advice/help.

    Introduce Yourself
    Hi there to all my fellow petrol heads. I have to be honest here and say that whilst I have driven several Alfas and thoroughly enjoyed the experience, I am not an Alfa owner. I own several of the 1988-1992 Mitsubishi Galant VR4s, often referred to as the EVO 0 because the drivetrain and...
  3. The Point of Forums

    Alfa Giulia
    Hi All, have been a member for various car forums for years as they give the best information and quickest feedback of any source ever. however, i think its also important to realise that, as a source of information, as vital and specific they are, they are also too focused to give a true...
  4. Newbie to 159 forums :)

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    I am already an Alfisti and the proud owner of 2 GTVs [well proud of one of them]. I have just successfully converted my wife by trading her Merc for a Alfa Romeo. We bought her a black 2008 Alfa Romeo 159 JTD Ti. She loves it:thumbs: There are a few cosmetic things i want to work on to get it...
  5. Moving Forums...

    Alfa Giulietta
    After nearly 3 happy years with the GT I'm sadly letting her go due to an impending arrival- and picking up a 30 month old 1.4MA 170 veloce G next Saturday! Looking forwards to no more diesel clatter on a morning :lol: I've given the car a good check over, she has a full service history and...
  6. Car Newbie New to forums and my Alfa

    Introduce Yourself
    Hi all, Just wanted to say hi to everyone. I bought a 156 2000 T-Spark about 6 months ago but I haven't a clue about cars. Will exchange IT expertise for motor expertise :) My troubles are RH windows reg after my window was smashed in by some louts, heating fan resistor gone, rev dash light...
  7. had mine 2 year now but new to forums

    Introduce Yourself
    got myself a 159 jtdm 16v turismo 150 2 year ago at the ripe age of 21, with only 50000 on the clock and 1 owner bargain this bloke was in his 60s so he had style as he went to Sunday golf, but it don't take long to collect or need parts or info so I thought this would be the best place to do...
  8. Brand new to Alfas and to Forums

    Introduce Yourself
    Hi Everyone, First time Alfa owner. Got a beautiful Giulietta in April. Come from a background of various cars including Golfs and Minis. This is my best car so far. Looking forward to a great future with it :inlove:
  9. Will we all have shifted to the giulietta forums in a couple of years?

    General Alfa Discussion
    Being an Alfa fan as the 147 and 156 are getting older will we all be shifting to the giulietta forums as time marches on.The item 190790900635 starts to make you think especially as this is a dealer price and its a new Alfa model.
  10. Onto my 2nd alfa, decided time to join the forums....

    Introduce Yourself
    Hi, migrated from an old and knackered Alfa 147 to a lovely GT JTD over the weekend and loving it so far. Clarkson says everyone should have atleast 1 alfa.... Well having looked at the car competition, it was a no brainer to get the GT as my 2nd. Loads of car for the money combined with...
  11. new to forums!

    Introduce Yourself
    This is my first forum experience so thought i should say hello! :thumbs: I may be new to forums but have had a few Alfas in the past and still miss my Alfasud sprint, currently i own a 156 sportwagon and have just sold a 147 2.0 t-spark! Cheers for reading, Neil :D
  12. New to forums, new to Alfa, just picked up an 147

    Introduce Yourself
    Hello all, Quick introduction to say hello. After living in the US for a while recently moved back to the UK. I've owned many cars and motorcycles over the years, most recently a nicely warmed up WRX and a Triumph Speed Triple. The Triple came back from the US with me but alas not the car so...
  13. New to Alfas & forums

    Introduce Yourself
    Hi, A quick message to say hello. I am a new owner of an Alfa Romeo and a new user of this (or any) forum, so I'm not exactly familiar with either. My car is a red Alfa 159 with the 2 litre JTDm diesel. I bought my car privately about 3 weeks in the Belfast area. Had its 1st service carried...
  14. new to forums not alfa

    Introduce Yourself
    hi all i am new to the forum game taken a look a few times but not joined so thought it was about time i did. mrs n and i have a 135 m/a veloce + xtras in red 60 reg purchased new, although i am new to forums we have had 3 new alfas over the past 10 years a 147 and 2 gt's now a mito, the gt's...
  15. new to forums ...hello

    Introduce Yourself
    Hi my name is mike and I spend most of the week driving a white van and I just love the weekend when I can drive my 166.
  16. NEW to Forums & Alfa Owners Club

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    I am a total Car Nut / enthusiast but probably a bit quiet about it. I once heard a top BBC motoring programme host mention that if you haven't owned / driven an Alfa then you probably haven't lived! This set me thinking; in my work I occasionally have a few weeks / months when not working so...
  17. we really need to have a seperate Forums

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Does anyone else find it hard to look at their forum when its shared with 2 others?? This site is updated ever few minites and without looking through 2 or 3 pages its hard to find something that is posted today even (weekends its even worst) I also own a sud and we share the forum with the 33's...
  18. New to alfa, new to forums!

    Introduce Yourself
    Hi! My name is Paul, and I have just purchased a 56 plate Alfa GT. What a stunning car!
  19. hi im new to the forums and lookin for help

    Introduce Yourself
    hi im havin a problen with my alfa its a 2.4 jtd on a 53 plate and its a 156. the fan belt is cousing a vidrating niose i have removed the belt and turned the engine over and the niose is no longer there. i have then taken of the gide pully and tensioner they seem to be in good order so now i am...
  20. other marque forums

    General Motoring Discussion
    having kicked around in here for the past few years i find that responses are prompt folks are welcoming and plenty of chit chat. now having purchased a saab to do the family stuff i thought i would find a likewise forum for it. not sure we can name others but after google searching the sites i...