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  1. Fond farewell

    Alfa MiTo
    I'm sad to say that after 24 months ownership I've said goodbye to my MiTo. I really did like the little thing and admired certain aspects of its design, but I just couldn't stomach any more break downs and horrible expensive surprises. Fellow members who remember some of my threads over the...
  2. Fond farewell

    Announcements & Comments
    With a lump in my throat I have parted with my Alfa. :cry: Due to my other half wanting to become a part time pikey and purchase a caravan, I have had to depart from my beloved 156. I'd like to say many thanks for everyone's input to this fantastic site, its saved me a great deal of time and...
  3. Fond farewell.

    Motoring Images
    We said goodbye to our 156 V6 yesterday. So I thought I'd post one last thread dedicated to her. :( Goodbye, we had a lot of fun.
  4. Fond Farewell

    General Motoring Discussion
    After 8 years, 5 Alfas and about 200k miles I’m about to become Alfaless again :( . No big dramas causing the defection, just a genuine reason to change, ie I fancy a change from my current 156, and there not being an Alfa that fits my needs ie newish but not new, (done that three times, not...