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    Hey people! First of all. Thanks for the excellent forum. Found plenty of usefull info there and got myself a bit into workings of this wonderful vehicle... hmm better yet.. this wonderful Car. Always been enthustiatic driver but never had myself a proper car untill bit over a year ago found my...
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    Hi everyone I'm 25 years old Alfa Romeo fan from Finland. Bought my very first own car 1,5 years ago and since I've loved the looks of Alfa Romeos as long as i remember, I had to buy one (159SW 1,9jtdm).:) Now I'm actually selling it and getting a volvo instead as a working horse (boring I...
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    So, my Alfa and AO history in brief. I've been reading AO regularly for 4 or 5 years and I registered here maybe 3 years ago. First post now so the next one will propably be 2013. :rolleyes: My first Alfa was 1999 156 V6 and I absolutely loved it. Owned it for almost two years before another...
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    Hi from Finland! Here is some my pictures of Alfa Romeo trackdays last summer 2009. There was three different days: once Alastaro Circuit and twice Ahvenisto. Enjoy! Here is galleries: Cuore Sportivo I/2009 - Ahvenisto Circuit Picasa Web Albums - Raimo - Cuore Sportiv... Cuore...
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    Hello! I´m 35 year old Alfaholic :wow: Been fighting this illness almoust 20 years now and I liked it . Now i have two "project" AR´s Turbo 75 and 24v 164s. Both are black. I will sent some pics later. This seems nice place to bee :inlove:
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    Hi everyone! I just bought my fourth alfa, a 166 TS-99.. Previous alfas: Sprint, 155, 156 and now the elegant 166.
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    Being a new Finnish member of this Forum just wanted to send my best regards to all Alfistas in UK. Driving my fourth (current 159 2.2. SW) Alfa now and still loving it! The feber stays on! Wishing you all a good spring and summer to come! BR Timo from Finland :)
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    Hi and hello from Finland to all of you!
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    Just wanted to say hello to everyone from Finland! (so sorry for my not so correct english). I have allready been registered for while and owned multiple Alfa's. Still i have not been posting to this forum, only reading. About an year ago i sold my 166 due to constant technical problems with...
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    I got tired of family's second car '98 Mondeo and few days later it was history. When browsing '01 -'03 cars from the net, having less than 100 tkm and 10 k€ - suddenly it hit me...:cheese: Why not Alfa? In Nordic conditions, Alfa's reputation has gone quite bad. In addition to cam belt...
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    Hello everyone. I´m Joni from Finland and crazy about Alfa Romeos. I´m 26 years old and waste my days as a carpenter. I´ve been a satisfied Alfa Owner for about a year now and can´t really see myself drive anything else then Alfas from now on. Anyways, enough time wasted......see you in other...
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    Greetings from cold Finland! :) Just registered to this forum and it look's great! I have been Alfa owner now about 5 years (first was 147 1.6 T.S.) and now I'm driving with 159 JTDm SW. It's nice to be here! Cheers, Mikko
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    I wish you all Alfa owners: Happy miles & kilometers 2008 jaska
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    Hi I have one alfa 90 2,0ie -85. Once new a had a similar disco car - the coldness here up to -40C, was too much for the electrical gimmicks of the car. However I must have loved the driving features as I bought a new champagne gold coloured. I would like to buy parts or hole car for parts...
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    Hi everyone, I came here to search some info about modified GTV6:s. I've had eight different Alfas during the last ten years, now just a dull, reasonable, generic diesel wagon. Life's starting to feel boring, so I guess it's time to get an Alfa again!
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    Hello everybody! I hope you all enjoy you're alfas as much as i do...
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    Hello! I'm a new member on this great forum! Cars: Alfa Romeo 166 2.5 V6, Alfa Romeo 156 2.0 TS, Alfa Romeo 156 1.6 TS Problems: Hugely ;)
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    as a proud owner of -05 156 2.0 JTS I'd like to introduce myself to the forum. (Some problems already with the JTS engine, but let's see what the dealer can do about it.) So Hi to all, your's Juuso, Espoo Finland
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    hi,been reading this forum for a long time now so decided to say hello.I am currently driving 156 1.8ts 75 2.0l and 75 2.0ts mostly interested in the 75´s lately.