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  1. Xenon headlight blinking and finally wasted

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Hi I'm opening this post to get some help and also to collect information from various sources to help upcoming forumers. My 2004 156 Ti has OEM Xenon headlights. The previous owner put a metal plate underneath the car that "pushes" (let's rather say it even bends...:disappointed: ) the linkage...
  2. Finally I have my very own... :D

    Alfa Giulietta
    So after scanning auto trader for several months I finally found a car that looked perfect. Red, Low mileage, full leather interior with red stitching, 18 inch alloys, TCT semi auto with flappy paddle (i tore my MCL in the winter snowboarding and its still pretty messed up. Changing gears on...
  3. Finally purchased a new motor

    General Motoring Discussion
    Land Rover Discovery Sport HSE 2.0 diesel. White. 7 seats 'n all.
  4. Finally bought my 1st Alfa

    Introduce Yourself
    Morning folks, I'm very pleased to have become an Alfa owner for the 1st time in 25 years of driving. I've been a petrol head since I could play, but have stayed a bit more mainstream with my car choices. I've always loved Alfa's but never committed to buying one. I've taken a bit of a life...
  5. Finally out of the paintshop

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    Well it's been nearly 6 weeks but it's finally back.
  6. Got an Alfa, finally.

    General Alfa Discussion
    After a while of searching the closest Brera or 159 with the 2.4 diesel engine I wanted was outside Aberdeen. Also had to be black. After a 3 hour train journey, delayed on route by 40 minutes, I picked it up. Has high mileage (about 135k) but drives great. Full leather, 6 speed manual, recent...
  7. Stelvio Milano Ordered- Finally!

    Alfa Stelvio
    Hi, After a delay of over 2 months due to the order book being closed, I have finally been able to order my car. It’s a petrol 280 in Vesuvio grey with red interior and Apple car play with the Harmon kardon upgrade. I assume the factory is in summer shutdown? What is the likely delivery time...
  8. Finally spotted one!

    4C & 4C Spider
    It was Friday 20/ 7/ 18 about 4:30pm one the A1 northbound around Markham Moor... A Bright yellow 4C with private reg. I didn't realize how wide 4C's were in the flesh! If it's anyone on here, Dude..... Please sort out your exhaust note, it was embarrassing! It sounded like a load of knives...
  9. Finally pulled the trigger

    General Alfa Discussion
    Well done it, I'm now a fully fledged Alfa owner, it's only a 1.8 TS GT but it's a Blackline and I love the interior detailing and exhaust note. Looking forward to getting along to some of the meets with it.
  10. Finally an Alfa owner - 147 Ducati Corse

    Introduce Yourself
    Hi all! Having grown up around Alfas (my parents have a GTV, and previously 2 146s and a 33), this year, I have finally joined the club! I bought a black 147 Ducati Corse and I am delighted with it! As I expected, it hasn't been a case of plain sailing! The day I was travelling from the...
  11. HI All. Finally just got dream machine so can join

    Introduce Yourself
    Just picked up my early 60th Birthday present to!!! Yr 2000 GTV 2l TS Lusso. Been dreaming about partnering with a GTV to 'Tango with' for some time now. So this evening finally got my hands on a lovely Phaze 2 155bhp version. Fell in love with GTV back in early 80's, when as a...
  12. Finally changed the badge

    Introduce Yourself
    Hello there. Thought I'd finally join the site after years of anonymous browsing now that we finally have an Alfa in the household.Until now we've been Fiat only, but with the unexpected death of our last two cars within a few weeks of each other, we're joining the Alfa collective. Needing a...
  13. Alfa gremlin finally struck.

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    :cry: 08 2.4 JTDm No warning lights,nothing,Yesterday she started playing up no power,would not rev. above tick over.She then started to run something like ok. so took her up and down the motorway at high speed for arround 15 miles.All seamed ok,no problems untill to day when after parking...
  14. Finally - Got it back !

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    Hi Folks, Some of you may remember the problems I was having with my 159SW - Check this thread if you don't - Finally got her back today - running as it should ! It has taken nearly 7 months -...
  15. Finally a thread of my own

    Alfa 33, Sud & Sprint
    Earlier this year I opened an abandoned barn, look what I found: This car has hit the road for the last time almost 17 years ago. The guy who owned it at that time had started the transformation from early type into newer type ... Good thing is that it has had a respray just before it got...
  16. Finally dusted off the 33

    General Alfa Discussion
    Ive had a mk1 33 1.5 Green Cloverleaf for around 4 years now which I saved from almost certain death. The car had been standing for 6-7 years before I saved it, but I still managed to drive it to my workshop. From this day I put it in the back of a barn where it has stood for the last 3-4 years...
  17. Finally the P1 GTV is on the road :)

    Introduce Yourself
    Hi all, I'm new to the forum. Picked up a P1 GTV TS in Aqua Black in the summer for a bargain 375 squid with 8 months MOT and tax til Jan. After months of polishing it is now in the road and I'm loving it :D It's done 73k from new and passes the MOT with no advisories. I have just had a new...
  18. Finally I have an Alfa!

    Introduce Yourself
    Hi everyone, got my Alfa Romeo a few days back, haven't really owned an Alfa before and i must say Its a totally different animal to what i have owned before, examples Hyundai, Kia, you get the idea :) but with this car i really want to trouble shoot, understand it and not leave everything to...
  19. finally back in an alfa

    Introduce Yourself
    Hello everybody, my name is Wayne im 40 and live in Ashford middlesex. tomorrow night im picking up my new car a 1999 spider TS i cant wait, not very practical with 3 kids but hay ho! been wanting another alfa for years now. My first car when i 17 was an alfasud1.5tis which i paid £50 for, i...
  20. Out of warranty. Finally.

    General Alfa Discussion
    I may be pushing my luck, but since my warranty ran out two months ago I have totally stopped listening to any odd squeek or rattle in the Brera. Before I more or less was looking for faults and reasons to bring my bella to the garage. Apart from a bad sensor for the passenger power window I...