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  1. TCCC Show Errol Air Field

    North Scotland
    This post is to ascertain whether any of you would be interested in bringing your cars along to the Tayside Classic Car Club Show at Errol Air Field on Sunday 9th June 2013. This show is a well organised and well attended affair which features not only old classics but on display are more...
  2. Displaying "time" field in forum view

    Community Help
    Hi Would it be possible to add the 'time field' showing the time a post was made, next to the date on the top of each post? The time is currently only viewable in 'quote view'. I've attached screen shots so you know what I mean. Cheers Dan
  3. Went out looking for a field in sunshine and found a storm instead

    Non Motoring Images
    The weather was so incredibly changeable today that I struggled to find a nice, spring field to photograph (this week's BBC photo topic is "Fields") - it started to hail, then we'd get brilliant sunshine, then more hail. I ended up on the shore of our local river, and the clouds were too good to...
  4. Elm 327 mine field

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Continuing my ECU diagnostic education, can anyone recommend any of the ebay Elm 327's After reading all the forums im more confused than ever. Outdated versions, chinese copies, soldering resistors here and there...etc is there anything on the bay that will do the job for a reasonable amount of...
  5. Shallow Depth Of Field & Bokeh

    Non Motoring Images
    Ive really grown fond of these type of photos and have recently bought the Nikon 35mm f1.8 Prime lens which is great for producing such results. Heres a few of my 1st attempts.... Ive only just started out with this and havnt got further than the house and car so any advice or...
  6. Sun, Fast cars and a field

    Motoring Images
    Some pics from a very hot day, in the middle of a field :thumbs: Weeds in my way
  7. Depth of field question.

    Non Motoring Images
    I use a Nikon D60. I also have had a bit of 35mm experience in the past. On my old Canon AE1P the lens was marked up for depth of field and that was very useful. The Nikon does not appear to have any such markings and I cannot find anything of any real use in the manual. Does anyone know how...
  8. How long has this been sat in a field for?

    Alfa 164 & 166 :eek:
  9. 147 GTA and Selespeed in a field

    General Alfa Discussion
    after a great afternoon driving round exmoor - took the following pics:D
  10. Alfasud undergoing 'Field Tests'

    Motoring Images
    My Alfasud project is now nearing its final stages - dusted all the cow webs off it today and gave it a good old check over just to ease it in to full road use from next month. :D Gerry Campbell of Ti Autos in Dublin is going to do a few tweaks on it for me and once everything is given the go...
  11. Round 'em up, put 'em in a field and bomb....

    General Alfa Discussion
    GGGGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! %$&*%&%^&!!!!!! Some little B**T**D decided he/she would like to try and relieve of my stereo this morning at 3am :mad: :mad: There I was sharing a lovely bottle of red wine with the g/f and my alarm went off, popped outside to switch off...