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  1. General Alfa Discussion
    Hi, Does anyone know where I can buy FIA homologated AR patches to sew on to a driving suit? Thanks in advance.......
  2. International Motor Sport
    Could Alfa Romeo be the supplier for the new FIA F2? Alfa Romeo tipped for motorsport return | F2 news |
  3. The Classic Alfa Romeos
    Can't see anything in the regs but can anyone confirm or deny. Ta
  4. Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    hi i am wiring up a 156 for rallycross and i need to fit two cut off switches one outside and one inside. the FIA switch looks like this: and it says to connect to...
  5. Alfa 33, Sud & Sprint
    Evening all, my computer hard drive died today, and amongst other important data i lost my pdf of the sprint homologation papers that Greek had uploaded.:cry: Have searched this forum for the link to the doc, but it no longer seems to work. Can anybody help me find a copy of the files, or a...
  6. Meets & Events Images
    Sadly not my pics so I wont take credit and as the misses took the camera that day I was stuffed :( but found these and thought Id post em up for anyone that was interested and didnt go as its the next best thing to Formula 1 actually probably better! ( in my opinion )- Photos - FIA GT1 World...
  7. International Motor Sport
    I have 2 tickets for next weekend, Friday 30th April- Sunday 2nd May, for the FIA GT Championship at Silverstone. If anyone wants them, PM me your address and I will post them to you, all you need to do is enjoy yourself.......on a first to PM me basis.........if anyone wants them for only 1 or...
  8. South East
    I plan to go this again on (sunday) having been blow away by the Masers etc last year! a fantastic weekends racing that would be just the ticket after Auto Italia @ Brooklands and think it will make for a superb weekend fix for all car/racing nuts! anyone else fancy it? See link for details-...
  9. Poll Room
    Following on from the "what's your favourite motorsport" poll, I'd like to ask the question of who the good people of AO would like to see as the next FIA President. Details of the two official candidates can be found here...
  10. Motoring Images
  11. International Motor Sport
    Hi all decided to check this out today at Silverstone and wow Ferrari's Lambo's Mazer's, Porky's, Corvette's, Seleen's, Ford GT's etc it was very very loud and very exciting to see them trade paint witha couple of big offs too. The paddock was full of F1 style trucks and hospitality areas and we...
  12. Alfa 33, Sud & Sprint
    Well , i went to John to pick up the hinge and the fule meter for my Sprint and we had coffee and cigarettes and then we switched to raki ( double stronger than ouzo) and then something hit John... Well i have managed today to upload the whole scanned document in pdf document and...
  13. Alfa 33, Sud & Sprint
    hello, So.. it is very likely now that we start to put together a gtv6 for historic rallies. We hope to finish it before the end if this year. We can not call ourselves alfa specialists despite working on one old giulia 2000 for hill climb but it was years ago. As I can see you are the alfa...
  14. International Motor Sport
    The Maserati MC12 and Vitaphone team won the GT series for the 4th year in a row :thumbs: :awesome: :thumbs: Maserati Corse Next and final race in Argentina will determine who will win the drivers' title!
  15. International Motor Sport
    Belgium Grand Prix - Lewis Hamilton was unfairly stripped of his win - Signatures Have your say about the F1 fiasco!:rant:
  16. International Motor Sport
    Well done SuperMario :thumbs: Linky
  17. International Motor Sport
    Ten-year freeze on engines !! :mad: :rant: :tut: My biggest concern is whether the other teams will be able to catch up with the leaders of the pack. I might be over reacting but if one team have a problem with reliability, race pace...
  18. Poll Room
    Well, after the Mass Damper affair, and now the bizzare decision to penalise Alonso for driving 100 metres ahead of Massa, there are some people who might think there is a conspiracy against Alonso in favour of Schumacher. What do you think?
  19. International Motor Sport
    some good racing on sky 123 player channel showing the above....Maserati are 1st and 2nd.... :)
  20. International Events
    Rounds of Gentleman Driver (!?) FIA Historic Touring Car FIA GT Car Thoroughbred Grand Prix Historic Grand Prix Cars Should be TZ's, SZ's and Giulietta Ti's. Possibly GTA's too. And it's always good to see "proper" F1 cars racing and overtaking!!! (Cribbed from AROC March 2004 Newsletter)...