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  1. FCA in talks with PSA

    General Alfa Discussion
    Know your acronyms!
  2. FCA Q2 results

    General Motoring Discussion Reduced advertising expendure in Europe mentioned.
  3. FCA sales down..

    General Alfa Discussion
    “Europe, where the business is in the process of restructuring, fell to a loss of €19m due to a 12 per cent drop in vehicle sales, while its struggling Chinese business saw sales fall by 30 per cent, pushing its Asian region into a loss of €9m. The group is “moving towards” a restructure of its...
  4. FCA Selects HARMAN (Samsung) and Google Technologies for New Global Connected Vehicle

    General Motoring Discussion Once upon a time, I said this was coming. Excited!
  5. FCA heritage museo video

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  6. Back in the FCA fold - temporarily!

    General Motoring Discussion
    Went to pick up my rental car at a Seattle airport this afternoon, having booked full-size, Ford Fusion or similar. There, in all its glory, was a. . . Toyota Camry! So, a quick word with the nice Avis Preferred man along the lines of "I don't want a Toyota, haven't you got something more...
  7. Hyundai denies FCA takeover

    General Alfa Discussion
    They are working together on propulsion and the Koreans need a real brand but A Stinger replacement etc..
  8. Shocking service from dealer and FCA!!!!

    South Africa
    So on the 18th of March I took delivery of a 2015 Fiat 500S 1.4 with 17000km on the clock from Grand Central Midrand. At the time I requested that ONLY the manufacturer maintenance plan be extended for an additional 2 years because the standard 3 year plan will run out in June. This was despite...
  9. 4 years after investor day’s plan, fca meets 40% of its product launches target

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  10. New FCA club for company car drivers

    General Alfa Discussion
  11. FCA paying down their credit card bills

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  12. FCA European Sales figures

    Alfa Giulia
    Hi There is quite a bit of debate on here about Giluia sales in the UK. I came across this recent (18th April-yesterday) news release. Its maybe sometimes useful to consider Alfa sales in a European market- Undoubtedly Alfa UK's attempt to market the car (and brand) being quite pathetic I...
  13. FCA touch up paint where to buy?

    South Africa
    Whenever I've asked at the FCA dealers they always say they don't stock touch up paint but FCA in the Europe sells official paint pens. Where can one get touch up paints in the Northern JHB area?
  14. FCA Heritage to sell some rare motors

    General Motoring Discussion
    So I think the gist of it is, the heritage department are restoring and selling off some rare cars to finance scouting activities to buy more rare cars to replace the ones they just sold,
  15. FCA Approved Panelbeaters

    South Africa
    Does anyone have a list of the FCA approved panelbeaters in JHB?? It's not on the Fiat website. Renew-it Sandton have quoted R47k to repair some barely noticeable hail dents on the roof of my gf's Fiat 500. There are dents that in my opinion could be PDR'd. The below is just some of the work...
  16. Good year for FCA

    South Africa
    Fiat-Chrysler sales: Good year for Alfa Romeo and Jeep | Wheels24
  17. Interview with FCA Design Boss

    General Alfa Discussion
    Detroit 2018: Dodge Ram and Jeep Wrangler, firm members of the FCA family - Car Design News "It's an education for me... we had to show the Italians what Jeeps were, they had to show us what Alfa Romeos were, but it's been awesome." "That's what makes them great designers, they just understand...
  18. FCA to spin off Alfa Romeo/Maserati etc?

    General Alfa Discussion Just seen this. FCA profits leap by 18% just on the prospect of losing Alfa Romeo, etc! Hey, ho.
  19. GWM talking of buying FCA

    South Africa
    Chinese GWM to purchase Fiat Chrysler? | Wheels24 Just imagine
  20. Have always said FCA needs Chinese money

    General Motoring Discussion