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  1. My 159

    My black ti
  2. Poll Room
    What was/is your favourite playground ride as a child? :)
  3. Poll Room
    It's Saturday night and I'm sitting in my favourite armchair with a glass of wine, so I thought to myself, how many other people are doing the same thing, and what are they drinking?
  4. Poll Room
    Just had a drunken converation with the lads about the following. All you ladies out there, convert the lady parts to boy parts. :D
  5. Poll Room
    What's your favourite Peer 2 Peer client for up/downloading stuff? ;)
  6. Poll Room
    Which is your favourite smilie from Alfaowner? U can select more than one.. Ok, these are the vote options: Vote 1 for :p Vote 2 for :( Vote 3 for ;) Vote 4 for :) Vote 5 for :o Vote 6 for :D Vote 7 for :cool: Vote 8 for :rolleyes: Vote 9 for :mad: Vote 10 for :rant:
  7. Poll Room
    And what's your favourite 'meal' from their menu? Currently, my favourite is the Spicy Chicken Tender Crisp from Burger King.
  8. Poll Room
    Inspired by Pasi's best seat in the cinema poll, what's your favourite cinema snack?
  9. Poll Room
    What is it??? :confused: If other, please tell us about it :)
  10. Alfa 147, 156 & GT NB If you're not using broadband - file is ~500k This file is the sound my car makes increasingly regularly over almost any road surface. I'd describe it as a "metallic rattling". It will go quiet for a while, then a slight bump will set it...
  11. Poll Room
    What's yours? :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:
  12. Poll Room
    What's your most favorite finger to show people :tut:
  13. Poll Room
    which is your favourite? I like Chandler the best, hilarious bloke!
  14. Motoring Images
    Did anyone have any of these cars the Citroen CX - id love to hear what they were like if someone could let me know. :)
  15. Poll Room
    Why-aye man, aye'll have a little fishy on a little dishy when tha bo-at comes in. But what's your favoutire little fishy?
  16. Poll Room
    What's your favourite number?
  17. Motoring Images
    Anyone else got this? Cars that you've liked your entire life but you can't remember when you first saw them or started liking them. I've always liked these three. Slow day in the office for JB today.
1-20 of 26 Results