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  1. what is your fave car door handle design?

    General Motoring Discussion
  2. Your fave pressie this Xmas

    Way Off Topic
    What was the favourite thing that Santa bought you this Chrimbo? Mine was an MP3 with Sennheiser earphones.:D:thumbs:
  3. Top Cat - fave Feline

    Poll Room
    Right, so I love wildlife, and reading about peoples adventures with Big Game, especially Lions, Tigers etc. So who is Top Cat? Lions - King of the Jungle ? Tigers - Generally the biggest cats Leopard/Panther - the most widespread, effecient and succsessful "Big Cat" Cheetah - Fastest Big...
  4. Pics of your fave cars youve previously owned...

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    apart from the GTV of course, my faves are probably...and in no particular order... Ford Capri 3.0 Great Car - was originally a Laser, but had been converted to a 3.0, which unfortunately had NOT had the power steering installed so was as heavy as a bus! Pulled like a train though.... Peugeot...
  5. Lego Technic or Meccano... Which was your fave as a kid?

    Poll Room
    Inspired by Ferdis' Lookie what I made thread, I got to thinking.... .... which was (or maybe even still is!!) your favourite construction 'toy'?
  6. Fave Driving Tunes

    General Alfa Discussion
    Just wondering what ur fav dance/trance tracks are for the car, mines JX - Close to your heart Thrillseekers - Synaethesia Chicane - Saltwater What are yours!! x
  7. Absolute fave exterior / interior

    General Alfa Discussion
    Metallic black / natural Momo