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  1. Introduce Yourself
    Hi all, Thanks for the welcome. So, story is I used to have a 147 jtdm. Great car. Not much leg room but I was in the front. It had to go for reasons I won't bore you with. Fast forward to a few months ago my eldest son decided he wanted a 147 too! Great. But there are a few issues and he's...
  2. Introduce Yourself
    Hello to you all! Just yesterday I bought a gorgeous AR 147 from 2005. It's a 4door silver beauty with 2.0TS and Selespeed. I immediately had fallen in love with it. It has some stuff to work on as I paid only 2300€. All is well with it aside from a quirk with the Sele which I'll cover in...
  3. General Alfa Discussion
    My eldest daughter just opened a letter to discover she has got her first speeding fine. 68 in a sixty section of motorway. Driving an Alfa. Got my first around the same age in a Jaguar. It's in the genes.......three points and a hundred quid. Could be worse.
  4. South Africa
    So my father lives in CT and walked past a car dealership yesterday which had a beautiful black GQV for R220,000. After he sent the image to me he sent me a message saying that it wasn't as reliable as a Toyota (He worked at Toyota for over 15 years). My father's opinion is very important to me...
  5. The Classic Alfa Romeos
    Hello all, does anyone know of anyway to find out the where abouts of the car if you cant remember the registration! or chassis number i wish to try and try down my now deceased fathers old gt jnr alfa that he had when i was a kid. but i do not know the registration other than it was a r reg. is...
  6. Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Sat in the waiting room at Top Gear...pacing up an gone in for cat back mid sport ss exhaust..haven't felt like this for 30 years..... when my son was sad is that :)
  7. Alfa GTA
    I'm nervously awaiting the outcome of Day and White checking over my newly acquired GTA. It's in for a cambelt/front discs/pads job and a general check over. It may soon become apparent why it was so cheap...!
  8. Alfa 164 & 166
    ....and bought a renault scenic :cry: It was cheap and it's family friendly but the worst bit is that the wife is taking it and leaving me with the old corsa :rolleyes: But although it looks like i'm leaving the 166 fold after a happy 8 years (!!) with a bit of luck i'm going to get hold of a...
  9. Wales South
    Hi all AO Welshies, just thought i'd see what all you lucky Dad's had today off you're young'uns: Box of Paynes Chocolate Brazils! yumyum Polo shirt nice too Lynx set always handy "Paul" double dvd watching it later! yes know I'm a lucky Dad, anyone else get spoiled? :D:thumbs:
  10. South Africa
    Lets see who gets it first ? 2004 ALFA ROMEO 156 from Gauteng
  11. Alfa 164 & 166
    ...well, I think I might as well 'fess-up! After Mrs. A. had her unfortunate 156-drowning incident, the insurers have coughed-up and it's time for a change. She's been offered a good deal on a new Nissan Qashqai and we can get our £2k scrappage allowance if we "betray" my priceless...
  12. Alfa 164 & 166
    tested the towing electrics today on the 166 - they work perfectly. was odd seeing the delay between the LED indicators and the incadescent bulbs on the trailer board! all i need is the towbar neck, and i am all set to tow my parents caravan (quite posh!) to the american car shows, with my 166...
  13. Alfa 159, Brera & Spider
    Scraped the alloys on my 159 today.... And its a new 159 LE so they're smoked and now look awful.....gutted.... Anyone recommend a refurber in East London / West Essex
  14. Introduce Yourself
    Hello all, Just wanted to say hello - just joined after finally taking the plunge and getting my own Alfa! Alfa 159 limited edition will be with me in April and I can't wait!!! Cheers to all those who wrote on the limited edition thread as this helped me decide! I have owned 4 Audi's on the...
  15. Poll Room
    Should we revert back to the original slim, green-garbed Father Christmas instead of the Coca Cola advert inspired jolly fat American invention? :confused:
  16. Introduce Yourself
    Hi my name is Pablo, I'm a proud Alfa fan. My father's first drive was in an alfetta from a friend, then years later he bought his own alfetta. Later he bought a 33 and the a 155. Then he bought me my first car, an alfetta wich I couldn't get to drive because legal problems and besides...
  17. Motoring Images
    I'm off to the Italian day car show :thumbs: I'm taking both my Spiders, son and his wife are driving the 93 (hardtop came off last night) and I'm taking hubby in my 94. They are all polished up, vacuumed, new boot emblem on the 94 (used heavy wire to get the old one off). Should be fun...
  18. General Motoring Discussion
    Hello. Please see some pics of my FIL's brand new Astra SRi. It's a sheep in woolf's clothing (1.8 litre, 125 BHP) but it is kinda nice for a Vauxall. It comes with the XP (sideskirts, 18" alloys, front & rear splitter & rear high level spoiler) I've driven it (slowly as it's factory fresh)...
  19. General Alfa Discussion
    I am after some advice please people, I have been tasked with coming up with a reasonably priced sat nav system for my father in law. Budget is "As cheap as possible" Criteria are: 1) Must work in a Citroen C5 2) Must be mobile to switch between cars 3) Must have good easy GUI 4) Must have...
  20. Motoring Images
1-20 of 22 Results