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  1. Auto Fanatic wheel Cleaner/Spray

    Car Detailing
    Came across these videos... looks like it would make cleaning alloys a joy instead of a pain :rotate:
  2. Future GTA fanatic....

    Alfa GTA
    I had to use my GTA to collect my 5 year old lad from school today, the family wagon was otherwise engaged. Now bearing in mind he hadn't been in the GTA for nearly a year now, as soon as he got himself strapped in (complete with much satisfied glow) the first thing he said to me was, and I...
  3. Portuguese Alfa Owner (& Fanatic)

    Introduce Yourself
    Hi everyone, My name is Rui and I am a 29 year old Portuguese. Currently I own a Sport Momo 156 JTD (115PS), with 240 000km (12/2000) and on the next week I am trading it for a 2006 Alfa Romeo 159 JTDm (150PS). I hope I can learn from you, and maybe teach something too, but after all, all...
  4. Alfa/Italia Fanatic in Silloth/North West Cumbria area

    Alfa 33, Sud & Sprint
    I spend alot of my spare time in this area and i regularly pass a Sud (poss Ti), a 75, a Lacia Delta (Martini decals) and a Fiat X19 all within a couple of miles in a fairly unpopulated area. I was just wondering if they are all owned by the same person and whether they were a member. Ps I have...