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  1. First Exposure to Alfa - What is this model?

    General Alfa Discussion
    2001 - I rented this Alfa during a vacation in Italia. So much fun! Absolute great car/drive. I can 't remember the model...I can start looking for pictures in the internet. But maybe, if the picture is enough, some of you can tell me! It had a diesel engine.
  2. dry turbo bearing after super soot exposure?

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Hi guys, Following on from this thread: whereby there was a split in my turbo hose which belched smoke from the exhaust for 200 odd miles - my turbo today has started to make a "dry bearing" noise from about 2500...
  3. Straw Bale Long Exposure

    Non Motoring Images
    After my trip to the outer Toon the other night in search of sunset vistas i noticed a field with the hay bailed by the Three Tuns Pub at Heddon on the Wall just off the A69, Northumberland It went in the old memory bank then today when i had a few hours free i headed back with my new Pro 10...
  4. Long Exposure Building Shots

    Non Motoring Images
    Last Sunday i popped down to a new building being built near St.James PArk in Newcastle to shoot a timelapse of the clouds/reflections on its face. While the camera was in position i whacked on the Heliopan 10 stop and took a few long exposures. Then i popped over the road and took a few of the...
  5. In Car Long Exposure Traffic

    Non Motoring Images
    Tonight i took my camera in a friends car on the way home from work on the A1 and using my new Jessops 'the pod' which is a bean bag with screw to attach it to a camera i tried some long exposures to get that warp speed affect. The conditions wernt quite right as there was some salt sprayed onto...
  6. My 2nd Long Exposure Attempt

    Non Motoring Images
    Managed to pop down to Jesmond Dene in Newcastle today and took a few long exposures with my D5000 and new ND8 Filter. Just a cheap 3 pack off Ebay inc ND2, 4 & 8...
  7. Indecent Exposure - Rant of the month!

    South Africa
    Hey ouens, watkind!:cheese: I was at the Castrol Extreme Auto Show this past Sunday, and it was great fun. I was also in a 350Z riding shotgun while it was doing some drift exhibition...insane!:thumbs: I'll post pics this weekend, not much, just some of the pics that I took. Anyway, my rant...
  8. 155 on maximum exposure now

    General Alfa Discussion
    channel 124 italian cops with leather on sky
  9. First thoughts after long term exposure.....

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Now I have a 147 Selespeed at last (even though its not mine) some thoughts. I have a delightful mile long straight, followed by a sharp left hand 45 degree bend on my regular light traffic route. The speed you can take this bend at is staggering. The Saab 900 would do it at 35mph, Grand...