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    Hello guys, do you know Elephone smart phone? Now they release action camera as well. It's called Elephone ELE Explorer sports camera. Elephone ELE Explorer sports camera adopts Aliwinner V3 chipset and OV4689 16.0MP HD image sensor, supports capturing 4K video, owns 170 degree A+ grade HD wide...
  2. The Technology Section
    I am getting very frustrated. I have recently renewed my licence for Kaspersky Internet Security and updated to Internet Security 2013. Ever since my browser, Internet Explorer, has had a serious case of the slows.:( It is taking minutes to load any page although it get there in the end. It is...
  3. The Technology Section
    I'm writing this via Firefox - some of you will say 'that tells me everything I need to know' :lol:. OK then, here's what happened: I run Windows7 64-bit (I'm pretty sure). Yesterday I loaded up AVG 2013 Free Antivirus (I used AVG 2012 Free Antivirus successfully last year, along with...
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    Hi AO, recently (last few months), recieving a pager has caused my Internet Explorer to crash, I hear the pager noise then it locks up. This only happens if I have multiple tabs of open.
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    As I navigate the site and click onto threads I keep on getting an "Internet Explorer Script Error" message appear, and I have to click on this 3 times or so before the page will load :confused:. Is anyone else getting this?
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    INTERNET EXPLORER OR MOZILLA FIREBOX? Which one do you use?? :D :D :D :mad: :mad: :D :D ;)
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    I was wondering, who of you is using Internet Explorer as their default browser? And those that do, who are suffering from IE crashing when trying to access some of the topics on the forum? The reason for me asking is that, yesterday at home, I wasn’t able to open about 70% of the topics without...