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  1. Prodrive Back Boxes

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    Will be replacing the back boxes on my Brera 2.2 in the near future, meaning I'll have a pair of prodrive back boxes that are surplus to requirements. Depending how much they would sell for will determine whether I keep them or sell them on. Any thoughts on what they would be worth?
  2. New Member - looking for advice...

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Hi all! It was recommended that I jump on the forums as I have an issue I'd like some help with. I've owned a 2008 GT Cloverleaf for around 3 years, it's the 1.8 twinnie flavour. I've loved every moment I've spent in the car - apart from the very annoying exhaust! About a year ago I needed a new...
  3. Exhaust

    Alfa Giulietta
    I have got a Giulietta QV TCT 2014 and I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions on how to get pops out of the exhaust is it just an ECU tune or a exhaust swap?
  4. Mito magneti marelli diffuser

    Alfa MiTo
    Has anyone on here fitted the magneti marelli exhaust and diffuser? I’ve recently purchased these and am in the process of fitting it all. The exhaust seems easy enough however I need to paint the diffuser and it has no way of holding the lights in place, is it simply a case of tiger sealing the...
  5. 147 1.6TS Stainless Exhaust

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    I've just bought my old 147 1.6TS back off my brother and had it up on my father in law's lift to do an oil change and once over at the weekend. The back box is very corroded (probably not helped by all the flooded roads recently) and I could stick my finger right through it, the rest of the...
  6. After sales exhaust

    Alfa Giulietta
    Thinking of fitting a Powerflow stainless exhaust system to my Giulietta 175 QV line 2.0 Ltd deisel they say I’ll get 40 more horse power and a better sound can anyone advise or has anyone done this cheers. Can tell me if you were pleased or disappointed thanks Mal As I said I’m looking at a...
  7. Twin exhaust for 147 jtd.

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Hello, just wondering if there are any practical options or even ‘not too impractical’ as I want this quite badly. Probably end up on a 57 plate 147 Q2. Thanks ?
  8. brera exhaust

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    My Brera 3.2 GTS. im aiming to replace the centre section exhaust, including a leaking Y pipe with a stainless Steel system. Anybody got any recommendations? preferably in the South West.
  9. Exhaust loose

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Right,another week,another issue- this time it's the Exhaust,the final part of it. I heard o slight abnormal vibration when starting,and at the mot the mechanic said it is loose and it needs a new rubber thing to hold it in place. In his infinite wisdom,he decided not to fix it then so I can...
  10. Exhaust heat shield...I think

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Please see attached pics. Its not easy to show what I mean and it's not a pic of the entire part, just one end. Anyway, its loose and rattling about, particularly at low revs. I moved it back a bit in one pic and u can see, in this side at least, where it obviously sat prior to working it's way...
  11. GT 1.8 TS Exhaust

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    I need a rear silencer for my GT 18.TS. The local FIAT garage is quoting me for a new car, or that's what it feels like. Anyone know where I can get an after market one at a reasonable price?
  12. Twin spark exhaust

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    After a long break I'm back in what is my 14th alfa, a lovely 916 spider, only had it a few weeks but all the jobs I wanted to do are nearly done (belts, service, and a paint refresh) next is a stainless exhaust. Does anyone out there have one? Does anyone recommend one brand? I don't want loud...
  13. Brera TBI Ulter Exhaust

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    Does anyone else have the Ulter sports back boxes fitted to their Brera. I fitted them about 2 weeks ago. I have read everything I can but the drone from about 2-4K is unbearable. I am about to revert back to the stock exhaust. The resonance at points makes me feel sick, noise is terrible...
  14. 2.2JTS flexible exhaust joint

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    The flexible joint in the exhaust for my 2.2JTS Sportwagon (06) is blowing. My garage suggests I could save a few quid by cutting it out and replacing with a universal flexible joint. There are lots advertised, but having trouble working out which would fit! Help, anyone?
  15. For Sale: Wizard Exhaust Cat Back 156 GTA

    Alfa GTA
    Hi All, For sale: Wizard Cat Back Exhaust with silenced mid section (for 156 GTA). Asking Price: £500 ono (I think they are £700+ new) Condition: Excellent, complete with original mounting clips and clamp. Location: Portsmouth, Hampshire I bought it new just over 1 Year ago - It needs to go to...
  16. Wizard exhaust manifold

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    I am looking to replace the manifolds on my 3.2 gtv to get rid of the heat problem and make exhaust system less restrictive. I would like the wizards as they are highly respected. My questions are what is involved in doing the job, what are the issues and would it be a better option to leave it...
  17. Exhaust system

    Alfa MiTo
    Hi, having an absolute nightmare trying to find a replacement exhaust front, centre and rear box. Can anyone help? Its for a 2012 0.9 twinair.
  18. carbon smell from exhaust

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    hello every one i have 147 ts 2003 i have a carbon smell from exhaust .some times with black smoke i recently change o2 the three of them mass air flow bocsh new spark plugs and new injectors also fuel pumb has a good pressure .dont know what to do else the black smoke has gone but the carbon...
  19. Exhaust tip diameter on Giulietta 2.0 jtdm?

    Alfa Giulietta
    Hello, I'm planning on upgrading my mito to the Giulietta 2.0 jtdm but i'm not a fan of the small exhaust tips that are stock on the car. I have been looking online and found exhaust tips that are able to bolt onto the existing ones to give the impretion of having a larger exhaust. MY PROBLEM...
  20. Exhaust Options 105 Spider

    The Classic Alfa Romeos
    My Spider has blown a baffle somewhere in the exhaust, so I am contemplating putting a new system in. As far as I can see there are three main options: 1, An IMASAF syatem from classic alfa for about £200. I have used IMASAF before on my 166 and 156 cars and they are pretty good (although the...