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  1. Xmas eve eve present, ts spider won't start

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    Hey guys, my daily driver twinspark spider decided not to start this morning. The spiders been running great with no issues except the aux belt snapping after one of the pulley destroyed itself a few months ago and been good since. Don't know if related but last night when I was driving home...
  2. Parchusing my first eve Alfa Romeo 156 advice needed

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Hello everyone. after hearing so many storys about alfa romeo, everyone is telling me dont buy Alfa, it will cost you money and money! i feel kinda frustrated and really need some advice from experienced users. one model that really catched my Eye , and its soo cheap! its the Alfa Romeo 156...
  3. Accident at Work on Christmas Eve

    General Motoring Discussion
    We have two accidents at work in the car park on the 24th and another outside in the main road. Pleased to report - no injuries. The most interesting involved was a guy who had never driven a mini-bus being given the keys by the CEO to drive from one location to the main site. On reaching the...
  4. What Are You Doing On New Years Eve?

    North East
    We have no plans, yet. (I'm not looking for an invitation by the way).
  5. Xmas Eve Disaster

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    On way to work early xmas eve morning and drove into large amount of surface water on road..engine cut out,stranded so called AA and towed to Autolusso to confirm engine has had it,drew water in and hydraulic locked. Apparently I can claim on Insurance though have £300 excess,car to be...
  6. Thursday Eve - Blast to the Coast

    South East
    Looking to do a run with a limited number of cars (x6 maximum) for an evening blast down to the coast, pub stop off and blast back. Will be starting from Maidstone, Kent and leave around 7:00 to 7:30pm, so the roads should be quieter. Thinking Thursday 23rd, May if this works. This won't be...
  7. Alfa Romeo & Adama & Eve

    South Africa
    When you look at the alfa badge what do you see First? A snake and a cross right? We know the history if not here you go. Alfa Romeo - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Or here Alfanatics » Blog Archive » The Story of the Alfa Badge Visually I observed the same but then even though it wasn't...
  8. Clutch gone Xmas Eve! How much for a new one?

    Alfa 164 & 166
    Never rains but it monsoons! Clutch went on our 166 last night, anyone suggest how much its gonna cost to renew? Dreading it:( oh, happy christmas! Paul
  9. Paying Taunton a visit on Wed eve... Anyone about?

    South West
    Just a quick one - rachel (AlfaPisky) and I are heading to Taunton to collect her new car on Wed. evening, and wondering whether anyone else will be about that evening to make a mini-meet of it! Been a long time since we got together from different corners of the South West - Where's Hammy when...
  10. Would you Adam & Eve it - bad end to a good day

    General Alfa Discussion
    Evening all. Driving back from the Ideal Home exhibition in London today, Clare at the wheel, me in the passenger seat, in laws in the back, loads of bags in the boot, doing about 70 in lane 3 of the M1 just North of Milton Keynes when the car starts to rumble noticeably. Steering also starts...
  11. Wouldn't you Adam and Eve it

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Left work today and drove just a few hundred yards to the pub (stupid I know as I could have left the car in the car park at work). Left the car and went in for an hour is so. Came out and noticed a white 306 (knackered) parked next to me and the door looked as though it was banging against mine...
  12. Christmas Eve fun..

    Alfa 155
    Now that it's starting to get parky.. and BEFORE you stuff your faces with Christmas dinner (makes sliding under the car more tricky...) Remember to grease up yer hand-brake cable dudes... (at the wheel end). It was -2 here the other morning and I felt that familiar "not quite springing off"...
  13. Eve and I in Bangkok

    Motoring Images
    some pictures:
  14. Happy birthday "Eve"!!!!

    General Alfa Discussion
    Yes, today my baby becomes 2 years old. So far she gave me 38.184kms of pleasure and I'm going to take her out and take some photos. Thank you Alfa. :)
  15. Eve's old baby benz, on sale now

    Motoring Images
    Before the benz his gone,some pictures: Be gentle guys wink
  16. For Eve and Wim

    General Alfa Discussion
    Next week there'll be a test between the smart roadster-coupe and the Ford StreetKa in the Autoweek. I'll keep a copy of the magazine for your new "bella" wink This is a short text: Als een achtbaan gesloten karretjes zou hebben en alleen maar rechtuit zou gaan, kun je net zo goed een ritje...
  17. Welcome back Wim and Eve!!!! This was the Snow Report Topic

    General Alfa Discussion
    Fresh news: Wim and Eve had a great 900km trip and all went well. They are now skiing at the Swiss Alpes. Wim said the weather is great and so the slopes! :D :D :D :D I'll keep you posted guy about any development wink The snow report is provide by Hugoish Translations...
  18. My Valentine's gift from Eve

    Motoring Images
    Look what I got as a surprise from my dearest Eve eek! Don't I look :cool: in it? I'll bet you're all jealous now wink :)
  19. New years eve – where are you going to be at mid night?

    General Alfa Discussion
    Well, I’m going to a friend’s house on the countryside. She’s giving a party with a couple of friends and I hope to have a nice time there. And many photos too! I washed my Bella this morning so it will be shining! Even if the weather seems not to be collaborating… the place is really in the...