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  1. Ethanol. Is it boxer friendly?

    Alfa 145 & 146
    A new headache. From 01.01.2019 the petrol sold throughout my country must contain 1% for 2019 and 3% from 2020 onwards. I don't care whether it improves the perfornance or not, my concern is the effect, longterm or shorterm, on the fuel system, the engine, etc since ethanol is considered...
  2. How much ethanol is bad?

    Alfa GTA
    I've just read on my facebook that Tesco's 99RON fuel has ethanol in it, after a quick google it has 5% ethanol in it Specifications | Momentum99 Benefits | Tesco Petrol Filling Station I've heard a lot of bad news about the E10 fuels that they sell in Europe that it'll wreck my engine. Am I...
  3. Ethanol in Fuel - experiences/issues?

    Alfa 33, Sud & Sprint
    A couple of years ago they introduced E10 (10%) here and we cannot buy any other fuel. A couple of years ago I began having issues with flat spots. I solved this with larger idle jets. Coincidence or not? Now I'm also trying larger main jets due to possible detonation caused at WOT at...
  4. Ethanol unleaded fuel mixes E5, E10 etc.

    General Alfa Discussion
    I'm going to France in August and I've discovered that their petrol stations sell a form of Ethanol fuel called E10, it's 10% Ethanol and 90% unleaded I think. The web sites say any car made after 1982 (?) can fill up with E5 but that Alfa's should avoid E10, does anyone have experience with...
  5. New fuel .. how much ethanol can an older Alfa take?

    Engines (TS, JTS, JTD & V6)
    As topic..Right now in sweden we're running on 95% gasoline and 5% ethanol Soon, will that be removed and it will be 90% gas and 10% Ethanol.. 98 will still be avaible ( 98% gaso-.... ) Must i start using 98 or will it be possible to run on 10% Ethanol and shorter the service period to 1000...
  6. 5% ethanol in premium 97 petrol!

    Alfa 33, Sud & Sprint
    Since March last year Uruguay have been adding 5% ethanol to our 97 Octane premium petrol but not to the 95 super. Could ethanol be detrimental to my boxer engine and dellorto carbs? Should I switch back to 95 super?
  7. Ethanol Powered Alfa 166

    Alfa 164 & 166
    I don't know if its available in the UK but here in Ireland Maxol sell's E85 (85% ethanol and 15% petrol) in certain filling stations. At this stage unleaded here costs around €1.35/liter but E85 is €0.98/liter :thumbs: In theory running on E85 should use about 30% more fuel so should just...
  8. France first EU country to introduce petrol with 10 % ethanol

    General Alfa Discussion
    Sorry, if it has already been posted, but I just became aware of the fact, that since April 2009 France puts 10 % ethanol in it's 95 octane petrol ("SP95 E10"). Asked by the german automobile club (ADAC) Alfa gave their ok for the following models: - MiTo - 159: 1.8 16V, 1.8 TBi 16V, 3.2 JTS...
  9. Ethanol in Petrol

    Alfa 155
    My local Gull service station where I usually go to get fuel has gotten rid of its 95 octane and replaced it with 98. Great! hardly anyone sells 98 octane petrol in New Zealand and its generally only available in larger cities. But the new brew is made with "Up to 10% bio Ethanol" I'm a bit...
  10. bio ethanol

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Can 156's be converted to run on bio ethanol ?, i hear the octane of 85% bio ethanol is 206 !:confused:
  11. bio ethanol flexfuel

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Hi, i have a big question... this year in France appears flex fuel Is it possible to use bio ethanol on alfa engine ? (without problems ) This sort of fuel is very present in brazil since a long time ... is there some brazilian alfisty with bio flex ethanol here ?
  12. Ethanol and Suspension

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Hi all. 2 Questions. 1. Anyone know if its possible to use these Alfas with Ethanol. It seems to be the way to go soon. Might even be possible to brew your own !! ( Hush Hush of course ) Apparently Ethanol is BIG in Brazil. Apparently its made from sugar or sugar cane. More oomph but less MPG...
  13. Bio Ethanol - cheap)ish)fuel?

    General Alfa Discussion Saw this today - what do people know? Some of the comments on PH suggested it may not give a cost benefit, due to lower calorific value.:( But before worrying about that, does any one know which Alfa engines could use it?:confused:
  14. 10% ethanol in all unleaded in OZ

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    these damn high petrol prices have cause johnny howard to try and put 10% ethanol as standard in all petrol in australia to lower prices by around 10c a litre! im unsure if any other countries run ethanol blended petrol but i checked up on the alfa romeo australia website and this was quoted...