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  1. General Motoring Discussion
    Anyone going? We leave for a few days in Dusseldorf in a bit & will visit the show on Thursday:cool: Ill health has kept me away for a couple of years so can't wait:D:D Cheers,
  2. International Events
    We are:cool: For the Techno Classica Show:thumbs: Went last year and loved it. Did it in a day though and it nearly killed me:eek: This time we're flying to Dusseldorf early on Friday and staying in a really nice hotel in Dortmund for 2 nights. Dortmund looks lovely too:D Will do the...
  3. Motoring Images
    Well i like it! :xmas: edit: they removed the intended pic but i found this one is from the 2006 show but they are exactly the same on the outside.
  4. International Events
    Hi. Anyone been before? I can get a return flight to Dusseldorf from Birmingham for £76 and quite fancy going on 30 March:D Looks like the mother of all Classic Car Shows and I've always wanted to visit Germany:cool: Any advice welcomed;) Cheers,
  5. International Events
    Right chappies (and chappettes wink ) A bunch of us are off to visit the Motorshow in Essen Germany (biggest annual tuning and motorshow in Europe) So far, our little group consists of: Gijsman Dengkao Bart147 Hoegie Eve and me Behave while we're gone and expect a full report and pics soon...
  6. General Alfa Discussion count me in :D
1-7 of 7 Results