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  1. ICE & Blue&Me
    Hi All I need some help! I have just changed my phone to a SE Neo, according to the B&M website it is compatable, my car though will not attach! I have tried updating my software to 5.5 but this didnt make any diff! Please can you me know if you have a SE Neo and what B&M you are using...
  2. ICE & Blue&Me
    Hi Folks Just got one of these & installed the patch, but don't think the message reader is working with it. 2 phones ago I had a SE K750i and it worked fine with that.
  3. ICE & Blue&Me
    I need a new phone & was wondering if anyone has this working with Blue & Me. The list on the Fiat site is out of date!
  4. ICE & Blue&Me
    Hi all, Does anyone know if the Sony Ericsson T715 or C903 works with the blue and me? Mrsgtlewi is due a new phone and looks likley to choose one of these two, but is worried it wont work in the Mito;) Cheers:)
  5. ICE & Blue&Me
    I have just bought the Sony Ericsson W205 to work with my Mito's Blue&Me (previous phone was a museum piece and didn't have bluetooth). It all works fine apart from making calls from the phonebook using voice recognition. When entering the contact's phone number on the phone I am forced to...
  6. ICE & Blue&Me
    Thanks to the Fiat Forum I've found this Calls on our C902 & C905 phones couldn't be answered using the steering wheel button. The patch via the linked page fixes this:cool: I now use an iPhone but this will be of use to Clare & any other SE phone users:thumbs: Cheers,
  7. ICE & Blue&Me
    It seems to work with B & M with one BIG exception. You can't answer calls:rolleyes: Not sure what to do now:confused: Do I do a Davinci rollback and lose some of the features or shall I leave it as it is until SE sort it out?? Also, why don't Alfa / Microsoft update B & M:mad: Cheers,
  8. My GTA

    My GTA
  9. Motoring Images
    Had the Sony Ericsson about 6 months or so now and I'm quite impressed with the built in camera it comes with. 5.0 megapixel jobby, so far so good really. It seems though that all camera phones I have often take pictures too bright and this is no exception, every now and again it will take a...
  10. General Alfa Discussion
    Many thanks go out to Wisrute.B for his hard work creating this. It now adorns my phone. (contains .thm file) :)
  11. Motoring Images
    This phone is :cool: , in addition to cool features much like the T68i, there's so much that can be customized. Here are some of my creation, hope you guys like them. The files can be downloaded from my site.
  12. Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Hi I am the happy owner of a 156 02 facelift version. So far a very nice car, only problem has been the airbag fault lamp, which is now showing a fault for the third time. I guess this is a known fault with the 156. Anyway, my question is about the bluetooth carkit, I am seriously considering...
1-12 of 12 Results