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  1. Brera 3.2 q4 - end of an era for me

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    I've decided to part with my excellent & reliable Brera because its only being used a runabout which is sacrilege and doesn't justify the running costs (18mpg this weather). It is in above average condition given the age (12yrs) and mileage (115k) and has had the chains done, has a Vortex...
  2. Soon to be the end of an era

    Alfa Giulietta
    Two more months and the Giulietta QV Line will be up for replacement. Sadly, this will be the end of my years of Alfa ownership. Much as I’d love another, I can’t bring myself to endure three more years of pain with the frankly woeful uConnect, DAB radio failures and pathetic headlights. I’ve...
  3. End of an Era

    General Motoring Discussion This is a conversation I've had a few times in the last month-or-so. Talking with techie engineering and financial types the consensus does appear to be that outright owning an asset like a car...
  4. end of an era, alfa for sale

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    my beautiful wife has decided 2 alfas is 1 too many and so her much loved 156 sportwagon is up for sale she has a job close to home and is downsizing.
  5. End of an era

    Introduce Yourself
    Hello everyone, I have loved borrowing my dad's 156 for the last couple of years but unfortunately it's time for it to go as I need a smaller and lighter car. It has been such a lovely car as we've had it since new and it has all the trimmings! Hopefully we can find it a loving new home and I...
  6. A New Era?

    General Alfa Discussion
    I know it's been mentioned on the Giulia section but I think this is a very important event. The success of this car will influence what cars we'll be driving over the next number of years. :laugh:
  7. The End Of An Era!!!

    North East
    From being Alfa Romeo's biggest fan with the 156 Sportwagon, then buying what was essentially a write off GT from a main dealer and finally purchasing a Giulietta that had more problems than a delinquent teenager, I became Alfa Romeo's biggest critic and couldn't wait to get rid of the damn...
  8. The End Of An Era!

    General Alfa Discussion
    I said farewell to my cherished 275,000 mile 156 SW today. It sadly failed it's MOT due to corrosion and wasn't economically viable to repair. I've had 14 great years with it but now it's gone. It is a shame Alfa don't make cars like that one any more!
  9. End of my Alfa era

    General Motoring Discussion
    5 years ago I bought my first 156 2.4 10V, I loved it to pieces and a proper bargain at £600.00. Didn't put a foot wrong and very fun to drive. I replaced it with a 156 175 which I also loved, then had a slew of issues with a G. and 159.. Tax and MOT due on the 159 I traded it in for a Focus...
  10. The end of an era!

    General Alfa Discussion
    Yesterday I said goodbye to my beautiful Spider! :( It was a very sad day but my head had to rule my heart and let someone else have the pleasure of my beautiful car. I had done less than 1k in the past year! The only consolation is that I got a very good price for it and i can now look at my...
  11. End of an era.

    West Midlands
    Tonight i said goodbye to the 156 V6 sportwagon but it will be seen around the midlands soon and im sure itll be making an appearance at the fountain inn at the wm monthly meets. Its gone to a good home with whom im sure itll get the love and attention it needs. :)
  12. 2002 Era Selespeed Gearbox Troubleshooting - VIDEO

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Hi all, I drive an Alfa Romeo 147 selespeed European car of the Year 2002 I have lost patience with the my local Alfa stealer ahem *dealer .. He wants to replace every component in the car. I knew my selespeed system was on the blink but he said no codes came up, funnily enough he recomended...
  13. The end of an era

    Alfa 164 & 166
    Ah well, my last 164 shell was finally collected by the scrap man today.:cry: I'd taken everything I wanted out of it and stashed it - even the windscreen! I filled it with other scrap metal leftovers from previous bits and pieces and was pleasantly surprised when I popped round to the...
  14. Group 2 Rally fans, the Greatest era paradoxically.

    International Motor Sport
    Group B Rally fans, the Greatest era paradoxically. If you didn't catch it here's a treat for Rally fans and more specifically the "Group B" era where the Sport was paradoxically at its best and worst. Grab a bottle of wine and enjoy.:) BBC iPlayer - Madness on Wheels: Rallying's Craziest Years
  15. end of an era: 156 going to a good home

    Introduce Yourself
    Hi all I have been the proud owner of an Alfa 156 TS 2.0 Selespeed for 10 years now. But the time has come to move on and get a slightly bigger car with more space for the children (though my little boy is also sad that we are letting it go). My Alfa has now run out of MOT and tax and so I...
  16. end of an era,all misty eyed

    General Alfa Discussion
    just been cleaning and hoovering out the V40 before taking the pics for the advert. Had it since new in '97 and apart from the usual consumables and a wheel bearing its been 120K miles totally without problem.Says a lot for Volvo's build quality back then. As I have no idea where the cost of...
  17. End of an era

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    Well, I watched her drive away down the road from me today. Sadly, it's the end of an era for me - got a good price £3,000 for her though so thats that. I'd just like to say thanks for all you're help over the years of ownership esp Nige005, who knows, once I have a job again I may be looking...
  18. End of an era

    South Scotland
    My 155 V6 will be going to it's new owner a week on Saturday. What a car it's been, reliable, fun and everything I could have wanted. Just need something smaller than a V6 now as I am doing a lot more miles. So a week on Friday I should be picking up my new car. A really nice looking 156...
  19. Gash tool from a bygone era!

    General Alfa Discussion
    Continuing to gradually sort out my old garage,( prior to warden controlled accommodation :D ) I was rummaging around in one of the boxes of 'junk' and found this object. Do you know in spite of having used it a couple of years ago, I had trouble initially recognising it! Then it suddenly came...
  20. Ford F Pick up: End of an Era

    General Motoring Discussion
    Well, after 17 years, the F is no longer the most sold vehicle in the US. In May 2008, the Honda Civic (:rolleyes:) became the most sold vehicle with 53,299 units. The SUV market is done and dusted IMO.