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  1. So today my Alfa ownership ended

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    So my Twinnie decided to day to do it's head. Driving to work, and it started to issue forth with white smelly smoke. Luckily I hadn't gone too far from home so turned straight round and parked her up. But for me it's the end of a turbulent journey, I have put so much into keeping it going but I...
  2. Rear ended last night...thoughts?

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Got rear ended last night in my GT. I was stationary at a roundabout (about to pull out) and all of a sudden...straight impact from behind. No airbags, and all parties fine is not a tad shaken. All very amicable, he accepted liability verbally - now just waiting for insurance companies to do...
  3. MG car production ended

    General Motoring Discussion
    Unfortunately, despite ~18% rise in sales, the manufacturing side is no longer required. Production moved to MG's home in China. MG to end UK car production with Longbridge to China switch - BBC News 25 redundancies, which is more on the fortunate side considering what happened when MG-Rover...
  4. Metal ended boot struts

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Getting a bit bored of buying new boot struts for my 03 156 saloon. Sooner or later the plastic sockets at the ends always seem to crack. I seem to remember reading somewhere that you could get ones with metal sockets but have never managed to track them down - can anyone point me in the right...
  5. Rear Ended

    Alfa Giulietta
    Drove to Portsmouth to finally get new glove box and finally bring the Door/boot respray saga to an end. Collected glove box £124.00 lighter wallet, booked in with Mazda to have it fitted for free on Monday 7th December, happy day finally have a glove box again. Fitted new gaiter and seat belt...
  6. Rear ended!!!!

    Alfa Giulietta
    Well....where to start!!!! Just over 3 weeks ago a car stopped to answer a mobile. I had to stop behind it as I was unable to overtake due to traffic. The car behind me also stopped and lucky for me had the handbrake on!! The car behind did not look and hit that car at around 35-40mph forcing...
  7. GT got rear ended :(

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Hi Just over a week ago I got rear ended in my GT blackline Not happy to say the least At first it looked superficially cracked bumper & busted fog lamp Drivers 1/4 has kinked infront of wheel arch All turned to **** once I opened the boot :( Boot floor folded round spare wheel ...
  8. Rear Ended

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    Hi All Got rear ended on friday,old fella ran into the back of me at a roundabout,very sorry,actually feel a bit sorry for him,he used to be a firefighter and prided himself in his driving,never had a bump accepted full responsability,he said to me that the amount of carnage he's seen,cut bodies...
  9. 159 ended up in a ditch this morning

    General Alfa Discussion
    As above, on the way to work on ice. I turned the steering wheel but the car kept going straight into a ditch! Car recovered and away to garage...drives with a "limp". Possible front suspension damage.
  10. GTA got rear ended this morning

    Alfa GTA
    Gutted, got wedged in a Golf sandwich this morning. Stopped at a roundabout minding my own business got shunted from behind by a GTI so hard it rammed me into a GTD in front of me. It was a fairly hefty thump and although the damage looks superficial the back panel is pushed in and I cannot...
  11. Clutch has ended its life ..... help needed please

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Clutch has ended its life .....and is new and running Hi , unfortunately the clutch or flywheel on my 2.4 20v jtdm has decided to end its life. I took the gearbox out and bill starting from here . Have had a quote for a clutch kit and is ok but i just can't afford a new flywheel. Is there...
  12. My Mito Rear Ended + Failed to stop

    Alfa MiTo
    :cry: Hi to all, not posted for some time but thought i would share my horror story with you. We park our Mito on road as we do not have a drive,[ looking into this] 2 weeks ago 5.40 am car alarm goes off, jump out of bed , look out of window and to my horror the Mito had been shunted up...
  13. Started the day driving ended the day walking

    Alfa 164 & 166
    Today started like any other untill about 5 miles from home a slight rattling noise started and after climbing up a steep hill it developed into a loud rattle that the school kids waiting for the bus were forced to jeer and shout their amusement at. So i stopped and although on tickover it was...
  14. rear ended

    Alfa 33, Sud & Sprint
    Hi all My 33 s3 P4 has a rotten rear end so I have found a donor rear end,that is, the floor and structure from the reinforcing behind the rear seats rearwards. My question is then :- How do I brace it and how best to chop the old one out? any help greatfully recieved.Kev ?:thumbs:
  15. Oooer!.......Rear ended!!!

    West Midlands
    Some T*AT in a white van piled into the back of my GTA last Saturday :cry: Minor visual damage but boot floor distorted, can't remove spare wheel. Got a quote from Chambers of Sutton (Sutton Coldfield Brum) today for............. £4200.10 :wow: Has anyone any experience of this place for body...
  16. Boo rear ended !!

    General Alfa Discussion
    Chaps Just had the 156 rear one hurt thankfully...but a question. I,car A was driving,car B pulled out on the left from a side road without looking my way....i slammed on the brakes but managed to stop before i hit C behind me couldn't stop & rear ended our 156. Now i...
  17. Selespeed drama ended today - please read

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    A week ago I purchased a 2006 147 Selespeed in beautiful condition, only 44000km, one previous lady owner. Put in a new battery (original one was weak), and drove home 50km perfectly. Next day nightmare begins, car broke down in the midle of a roundabout unable to select any gear ( Selespeed...
  18. Rear Ended

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    On way to work the other week and got shunted in traffic by a "R" plate Corsa... made a bit of a mess of the front of their car. The back bumper on the 156 bounced back, with the number plate lights popped out, so put them back in, but it has pushed the back of the spare wheel well in quiet...
  19. Got Rear Ended on the motor way: Where to get it fixed?

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    Seem to be having no luck at all with my car... fortunately the damage is very little, A couple of the rear parking sensors have popped back into the bodywork and there are a couple of small dents around the corner of the bit that holds the licence plate. A passing look and you wouldn't even...
  20. Scrappage Scheme Has Ended - the Government Money has run out

    Alfa MiTo
    Yesterday the government has stopped all dealers of all franchises adding any new scrappage orders as they now have more orders than money available (and they have a waiting list too). So unless you have your order in - Scrappage has ended.