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  1. The Technology Section
    Looking for a new one. The Xiaomi one (WPS lite) is terrible at rendering some html emails. (i.e. it doesn't.) I don't like "new" looking minimalist ones. I like a nice long list of emails visible on the screen. No agenda or other clutter built in, please. Couldn't give a flying fig if it...
  2. Alfa Giulia
    Please don’t post directly but an address via PM would be very gratefully received. Thanks
  3. The Technology Section
    Tonight I received yet another unsolicited email and thought nothing of it - until I noticed that they had ALL of my previous address details and my full name. The attached document is apparently a contract, but after virus scanning it and opening in a safe browser, there was nothing there...
  4. General Alfa Discussion
    Hi – Just wondering if anyone has an email address for an Alfa / Fiat senior customer services person or a director? If you could PM me that would be great. Context is a very bad dealer experience, new car has scratches, rattle and an electric mirror is loose – I have emailed the MD a couple of...
  5. South Africa
    Would a member from the various Alfa Clubs please give me their email adresses. I would like to varify the adresses I got. There are clubs I do not have an adress for, like the Natal and OFS clubs. I would like to get the invitations for the ARCOP celebrations to your club in time. Thank you...
  6. Rant Room
    Especially corporate ones. Please. You shouldn't have bothered. Just stop clogging my inbox with your pathetic, insincere cack.:xmas:
  7. The Technology Section
    We need to email circa 200 sailing clubs around the country. Now then, obviously we don't want to type up the same email 200 times, nor do we want to send it to 200 different addresses at the same time in a block spam. We would like to send the email separately to each of the 200 recipients. Can...
  8. General Alfa Discussion
    HI could somebody please let us know what there email address is? when I go to click the contact link and email, I get a blank screen thanks anybody trying to contact them about fitment of some parts.
  9. The Technology Section
    For apparently no reason whatsoever, this has suddenly started happening - when I receive an email with a link in it and I click on it, I get this very annoying message box popping up: This operation has been canceled (sic) due to restrictions in effect on this computer. Please contact your...
  10. The Technology Section
    Hi all I'm pretty careful not to open attachments etc but somehow there appears to be a trojan on my PC that is sending me hundreds of fake emails a day... I've ran a couple of malware type programs that have detected threats and removed them, but this trojan is persistent... Any suggestions...
  11. Rant Room
    First off, just stop, please! Christmas is not an excuse to spam everyone with a totally impersonal "personalised" email with a crappy bit of "Season's Greetings" artwork, some PR guff about your company and then a claim that you are sending e-cards because it is environmentally better. :rant...
  12. South Scotland
    Put together this simple guide for those that perhaps not aware of how to set up email alerts. 1. Go to this thread 2. Click on “thread tools” 3. Click on “subscribe to this thread” 4...
  13. General Alfa Discussion
    I have not been to active on here since Ian and me fell out over a few things (long old story) So who owns the site now, just had an email that I ditched with out reading:confused: I was vantastic on here and left, I joined again just to read alfa stuff but dont post much
  14. Introduce Yourself
    So after finally receiving the activation email by using a work-around mentioned on piston heads my access has been granted. Im 23 from Sheffield, had 5 cars and my most recent is a Alfa 2009 1.4TB 120 Veloce. Love it. It was my father in law who got me into Alfas after him owning them for...
  15. General Alfa Discussion
    Last night I received an e-mail (from address [email protected]), which looks like a monthly newsletter. Did anyone else get this?
  16. The Technology Section
    I got an email this morning alerting me to the fact my yahoo email address is sending out spam and viruses. I have checked my sent folder and it doesn't appear to have come direct from my email account, and on checking message headers it seems to be coming from a user in the US who is spoofing...
  17. The Technology Section
    anyone else upgraded yet from hotmail? it says the upgrade will be automatically rolled out soon, so i took the option to upgrade straight away. wish i hadn't - it's crap. so slow & cumbersome, bring back normal hotmail :cry:
  18. General Alfa Discussion
    Having trouble getting my local dealer to reply to my emails and follow up emails, unless I ask a sales related query..... Been almost 28 days now without a response and would rather have everything in writing so don't want to phone. Don't want to put the postie under any extra workload at this...
1-18 of 62 Results