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  1. Ello

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    Hi there, I'm Ady, have just bought a 1998 146 1.8ts and was browsing the net when I fell upon your forums. I look forward to being a member here. regards Ady
  2. Ello ello

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    Hiya chaps, i've just joined these here forums after stumbling upon them on teh interweb.. looks like theres a great amount of knowledge and experience here so i should be up late for a while at least! cheers marcus
  3. 'ello

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    :cool: Hi there, I just signed up to this site ... ITS GREAT I have a 156 Selespeed which I have owned for just over 3 yrs now ... it is SWEET. I found this site while I was looking for some parts for my car and found it to be really helpful, so I plan on visiting this site as often as I...
  4. Ello

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    Hi people. Apparently i gotta post something here to get rid of that annoying box. Look forward to reading more about Alfa's and GT's in particular. Not had my GT long but after reading stuff about the remaps available on here i think it's gotta be done. ;)
  5. ello xx

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    Hi all and greetings from Sheffield , Great Forum, hope you're all cool and can help me choose my next car...;-) I'll leave it at that for the moment, hate being the centre of attention so speak to you all soon somewhere on the forum!! ta xx
  6. just a little ello.......

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    :cheese: ello ppl.... proud owner of 155 widebody.... had a 33 16v til an idiot reversed into it... puttin pics on soon of 155 :D for now have some of my old 33.... :cool: nope wont let me upload pics :mad:
  7. 'ello all...

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    Just joined here. Bought a V6 155 a few months ago, thoroughly enjoying it. Driven Alfas before as me brother has had a few... From Sunny(?) Dundee :) :)
  8. hello, hello, ello, llo, lo, o,o,o,o!!!

    General Alfa Discussion
    either everyones sold their alfa155s or this is one hell of a quiet forum, its like an abandoned town. And im getting lonely. Think I`ll go and chat to the telly........... :confused: Hello,anyone there? :D