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  1. RIP Eddie Keisan

    South Africa
    Eddie Keizan: The Tale of a Motorsport Tiger By Greg Mills Eddie Keizan, South African motorsport legend, industrialist, entrepreneur, family man, conservationist and philanthropist, died in Johannesburg on 21 May 2016 at the age of 71. GREG MILLS pays tribute. There are two ways to remember...
  2. Thanks to Eddie at Alfaman services

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    Last week I managed to lose the dip headamp clip on my 159 while trying to change the bulb in the dark. This really wasn't good news as I'm doing big mileages on unlit roads at the moment. After much swearing and ringing around (230 quid for a whole headlamp unit!) I saw in the forum that...
  3. Big up to Eddie Visser jr and sr!

    South Africa
    Took my car for some fine-tuning recently at Eddie and Eddie Visser (father and son) and had the suspension dropped at the same time.I am so tempted to take the bumpers off! Glad I finally took Lance's advice to drop it. She goes through corners much faster with much less body roll. The car felt...
  4. Eddie Irvine Sports

    Northern Ireland
    Patronising, unhelpful and ran by youths who looked like they'd rather be home than supervising a corporate event on a friday afternoon. Their receptionist is especially useless for today sending out 2x the same email with every single email address ever signed up in the "To:" line, not "BCC:"...
  5. eddie jordan

    Poll Room
    he has reappeared on the beeb co hosting the f1. another self obsessed [email protected] everything he says has to be derogatory to other teams. he speaks only to say something rather than saying something that needs to be said
  6. Any feedback on Eddie Mann at Alfaman?

    Introduce Yourself
    Hi there I've just joined the forum tho I've owned a 164 Lusso 2.0 for the last 10 years. needless to say I love it - great car and a great drive. Only trouble is, Eddie Mann at Alfaman in Harrow says its pretty much caput (it's a 1991) with lots about to go wrong with the front suspension, not...
  7. Eddie Griffin Crashes an Enzo..HARD

    General Motoring Discussion
    Not sure if this has been posted yet, but I didnt see anything... He crashed the whole front end during a charity race, the crash is pretty serious from that footage... According to the story Eddie Griffin was taken by an ambulance but was fine...
  8. Help run Eddie's GTA

    Poll Room
    I want in on this. Having just left my job, I wonder why should I rush to find another one or get another job at all. Who wants to help, and please remember fuel costs are rising!
  9. Eddie Jordan sells up

    International Motor Sport
    I am more than a little upset that Eddie Jordan has sold his team. I know it was probably the best decision for him and probably for the team but it will mark (in my view) another nail in the coffin for F1. Eddie was one of the few charasmatic team principals left and his departure is really...