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  1. Ecotek

    General Motoring Discussion
    Just had the first service on the Giulietta Multiair and the dealer put Ecotek 100 additive . Anybody know about this stuff?
  2. Ecotek on a V6

    Alfa 164 & 166
    Anybody fitted an Ecotek device to their V6? I was thinking of getting one to improve economy (Doing 400miles to a tank at present). Anyone got an idea if they work?
  3. ECOTEK Valve

    General Alfa Discussion
    Dear All, Season's Greeings! Has anone fitted an ecoteck valve on their 2.0TS car? If so, what changes (if any) did thy notice? Have recently installed one on mine, but unconvinced that I have correctly tuned it. Throttle does seem more responsive mid range, but difficult to really tell...
  4. ecotek system

    Alfa 155
    i just want to get feedback about the ecotek system... does any of you know if this gadget adds horsepower or not. thanks
  5. ECOTEK any good?

    General Alfa Discussion
    Hi Has anyone tried out the Ecotek fuel saving/performance improving gadget for their 156 or any Alaf TS engine? Cheers Rich.
  6. Ecotek valves!!!!

    Alfa 155
    Hello,I am considering fitting an ecotek valve to my 1.8 16v,having heard good things from a mate who put one on his CRX,(oo-er Japanese,I feel an ARNA moment coming on).Anyway what are they like on 16v's please? good things would be welcome but do feel free to call me a fool if you've found...
  7. k&n Airfilter, Ecotek Valve and my warranty

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Hey fellas. I have a 156 Sw 1.6 2000 onwards. I was wondering what the best way of releasing that untapped power was looking at K&N air filters and Ecotek valves. Has anyone fitted either of these? Would you recommend either, neither, or both? How easy are they to fit? How much...
  8. Ecotek Widgit Thingy

    Alfa 145 & 146
    Any1 got any good/bad experience of that Ecotek Widgit thing that u see advertised in all the car mags? It looks like a little T piece connector pipe but comes with a little anodized Pipercross filter. All the info I can find is on their web site and of course its all good. There are a...
  9. Ecotek valve

    Alfa 145 & 146
    Hi, Has anyone used an ecotek valve and piper cross filter on a 145 yet? Ian
  10. Ecotek CB-26P

    Alfa 145 & 146
    Has anybody fitted an Ecotek CB-26P to a Tspark engine their web site seems a little vague on fitting but convincing for the benefits.
  11. Ecotek wonder doofer!

    Alfa 155
    Take a wee little look at this little peach. Ecotek Home It would seem that miracles can happen. I was forced to grab my own hand before it made it to the warmth and comfort of my wallet. According to the web site this Ecotek CB-26P can 1. Improve power 2. Lower emissions 3. Improve mpg. I...
  12. Ecotek Widget

    General Alfa Discussion
    How did they go? I think I remember someone on here was fitting one but I don't remember actually finding out their opinion after 3mnths Thanks, Simon
  13. Ecotek widget now fitted

    General Alfa Discussion
    Well, I started to fit the widget, I cut the brake servo pipe only to find that it was made of a tough plastic which refused to be stretched to enable the widget T-piece to be inserted....panic city!!! Friendly local garage who I use for simple stuff like brake pad changes and MOT's came to the...
  14. Ecotek widget in a 156 Selespeed

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Hi everyone, can't seem to find the thread that contained the Ecotek widget debate. I've just received mine through the mail and wondered if anyone could give me a quick idiot's guide to fitting it, in particular which pipe to connect it to. Everything's crammed in the bay so tight, it's...
  15. Ecotek widget

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    I seem to remeber a posting some time back about the Ecotek device. I can't find it but it was not long ago. the concensus seemed to be that it was a lame duck and would cause nothing but grief and would not fulfill it's promises. Well, I fitted one of these onto my 2.0 yesterday and all I can...
  16. ecotek

    Alfa 145 & 146
    has anyone fitted an Ecotec CB-26p to their alfa ???