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  1. article in the economist

    General Alfa Discussion
    there's an interesting article about the fiat group in the economist. unlike other mags you can actually believe what you read in the economist. Fiat | Rebirth of a carmaker | "According to Mr Wester, before 2005, every part in an Alfa Romeo, down to the last screw, could be...
  2. German automakers: Economist's article

    General Motoring Discussion
    Interesting read: Linkylink
  3. Chinese Carmakers: Economist Article

    General Motoring Discussion
    Very interesting article here from the Economist pointing out how the frenzied growth that the Chinese automakers are trying to achieve is seriously hurting their chances to put out a reliable and competitive product in their domestic market, as well as overseas markets. Interesting read!
  4. European car makers: economist's article

    General Motoring Discussion
    Here is an interesting article in the Economist about the European car makers