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    My brother has just purchased this car. With such a tiny engine I expected it to be a little underpowered. Not so. This 1.0 ltr, 3-cylinder turbo engine packs a surprising punch. He reckons it's nearly as fast as his old Audi 1.8 cabriolet, and after driving both the little Focus comes close...
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    I travel a lot for work and rent cars all the time and I enjoy driving the different options. The Ford Fiesta has always been my first choice as it is so nice to drive. In my book it is the best B-segment hatch by a country mile. I usually get the normally aspirated 1.4 and I always thought...
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    Just replaced the wife's 57 plate Clio Extreme (very far from!) with a brand spanking Ford Fiesta Titanium Ecoboost. 125bhp from a 1.0 petrol! I'm astounded by just how much better it is in almost every way compared to the MiTo's I drove on a daily basis for 3 years.