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  1. South Africa
    My job involves tapping away at a keyboard a lot of the time. With two toddlers and various other time-sapping commitments, my default nutrition at work has been processed food of some sort, which inevitably ends up as padding for Winter. I've always wondered - what do people eat at work...
  2. Alfa MiTo
    I was stationary in traffic and an audi came to say hi, it got a bit too friendly :( it turns out that the other car was a company car, so i'm hoping that makes things go quicker? damage that i've found so far: bumper pushed up causing the bit below to break downwards smashed reversing light...
  3. Alfa Giulietta
    I only ask as a new GQV is here soon and the only long term motor I have to compare it to is a MK5 Golf GT TSi 170. On potenzas I think. Just wondering if in the VW that might have been the supercharger or if it is a symptom with lesser weighted higher output engines above the front wheels? Cheers
  4. North Scotland
    A little bit off topic, but my girlfriends mother has just started a cake business in the Aberdeenshire area She can pretty much do anything with a picture or two to work from so it could be a nice birthday present for the Alfa enthusiast in your life?? Here's a pic of a cartoon car she did...
  5. North East
    As previously discussed. Here’s the route; Google Maps Meeting time to be confirmed at a later date.
  6. Poll Room
    I'm fascinated by the theory being floated that Gry self-deleted because he was about to be outed as a skinny, not because he had a potty mouth. How do you know?? Is it just based on what you have read here or have you inside knowledge? He seemed narcissistic enough to be a body builder (and...
  7. Poll Room
    If you do does it make your wee smell funny :confused: Apparently it doesn't make everybody's wee smell funny. According to QI it's a genetic thing :confused: So do you eat it and does it have unfortunate consequences :lol: It used to be called "housemaids dread" in the days of chamber pots...
  8. Poll Room
    I am the only one in our house who eats the ends of a loaf :food: - do you?
  9. South Africa
    Had a good time today! Heres the pics (If anyone wants the full hi-res ones, gimme a shout, can put it on a DVD) Group Shots - Yes I got trigger happy haha
  10. Poll Room
    It is nearly lunch time and I am on a twelve hour shift today (06:15 to 18:15). So should I eat my sandwiches now or later?
  11. Engines (TS, JTS, JTD & V6)
    2l jts 107k. The pulley on the inlet cam has shattered into bits throwing off the belt at the same time. Will the valves all be bent or is there any hope? It looks like the pulley has come loose first as the mounting holes have all gone oval & there is 3 out of 4 allen bolts left loose on the...
  12. Motoring Images
    In my front garden :D
  13. Poll Room
    ... do you close your mouth :confused:
  14. Introduce Yourself
    hello all you alfa nuts out there,only just found the website. i dont know anybody other than richard nr padiham. i own 8 alfas 3x75s and 4x 164s plus 1 alfetta so im looking forward to some friendly advice with abit of craic thrown in. the forum has already given me answers to the inevitable...
  15. Poll Room
    Well Do You :confused: The "trough" is open again at the desk next to me and words have been exchanged !! :mad: :rant: (I mentioned it just to lighten his mood !! :rolleyes: :p)
  16. North East
    Ok if no one wants pizza express we should have a poll.
1-17 of 25 Results