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  1. Alfa 159, Brera & Spider
    .....quick video of the new creaking/groaning on the off side front of the 159. I had "cured" a similar creak groan with silicone spray a month ago, but it has come back over the past week and refuses to go. Don't suppose it is the drop links as they tend to chatter/clatter rather than groan...
  2. Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    My 7 year old nephew, like most boys his age is into cars, lego, guns, Star Wars and ballet dancing (don't ask!) After I'd driven him home in my 156 he anounced that my car was his favorite of all the cars he'd ever been in! When I asked him why, he replied, "Because the mirrors look like...
  3. Motoring Images
    Spot the difference :) So the story is, the paint on my wing mirror mounts decided to take an early retirement (I mean who wouldn't). So they had to be replaced but given the scarcity of GTV's here in Ireland I thought I'd be in for a big wait....and I was until two weeks ago when I spotted...
  4. My 159

  5. Motoring Images
    Just for those that felt they missed out :cheese:
  6. Introduce Yourself
    Hi Guys, This is my hello post!;) My name is Jon, joined up yesterday because someone introduced me to the sound of an Alfa GTV 3.0 V6 and now I`m hooked...big style! My current drive (read wifes) which, we will probably never get rid of, is a Subaru Impreza WRX STI, bought new and is...
  7. Alfa 159, Brera & Spider
    Hi chaps Has anyone else found condensation forming on the inside of their rear lights? I've noticed it a couple of times now and although it soon dissipates in the sun, it reappears the following day. Given that I am still under warranty (the car that is!) :) , should I be taking it back for...
  8. Alfa GTA
    Just a "small" update;) Got my Supersprint system on today, from cat >>> First impression: really nice idle sound and not to hight at low revs. when i drove away from the garage it was like music to my ears:D Performance: right now i think its all in my head:p Conclusion: Its still new...
  9. International Motor Sport
    Hi, anyone know what was the purpose of the elephant ears honda tested recently? Looking at them can't really see what they are for other than media attention. If you haven't seen them or goggle honda elephant ears for lots of pics. Andy
  10. Poll Room
    Bored on sunday. Whilest cleaning my ears:eek: I noticed that I always start with my right ear. Do you do the same or is it because I am righthanded?
  11. General Alfa Discussion
    Quite simply i'm mulling over how to upgrade my stereo and was wondering what people have and what would be suggested. I've already got a decent MP3/cd player a 2 channnel and a 4 channel amp. Musically I listen to everything so I need a ranged system. Speakers I presently have available include...
  12. General Alfa Discussion
    Couple of pics of DTM mirror on my 155. What do u think?? Yay or Nay as i have to do other side (it was alot of hassel) :eek: p.s Just ordered Supersprint mid section (straight through cat back) using original back box what will this do to my car. Sound/performance etc. 155 8v on a (N).
1-12 of 14 Results