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  1. Duo Bella!

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Well they say life's a jouney.... and it certainly has been recently! :cry: My better half had an accident where a foreign truck side swiped her and drove off! Her Clio wasn't in great shape afterwards as you can imagine! This has resulted in amongst other things in me selling my beautiful...
  2. Duo of Dents

    General Alfa Discussion
    In the last week I have managed to pick up two dents on my lovely ti :cry: The first is in the passenger door from the usual source, a careless and inconsiderate so-and-so opening his door into my beautiful machine in the car park. The worst thing here being that I know exactly who it was and...
  3. The characterful (if elderly) Alfa duo!!

    Motoring Images
    From Evo Magazine: Alfa GTV & Spider The characterful, if elderly, Alfa duo has been given a visual and mechanical uplift. Is it enough? Eight years ago, in a confrontation between the then new Alfa Romeo GTV and a BMW 320i, I put my neck on the block and declared that Italy had won...
  4. Duo Sim card question

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Hi there... in a few weeks i'll get my new 147 with connect nav+. Today I received my duo-sim-card that I will be using.... But what I'm wondering... is it necessary to turn off my mobile phone when entering the car?? Today I tried with 2 mobile phones, but although I turned on number 2...