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  1. Chris Knott Insurance
    CAR INSURANCE DUE IN OCT/NOV 2019? - WIN A £100 AMAZON GIFT CARD This forum's members qualify for free entry in the Chris Knott draw... just get a car insurance quote (or home insurance quote) during October and you're in with a chance to WIN a £100 Amazon Gift Card. That'll be handy as you...
  2. Introduce Yourself
    Hello all, I should be getting my first Alfa (Giulietta) in 4 days, :blabla: a used one but there you go. It's nearly the spec I have been looking for, Alfas themselves are a bit of a rarity around here as there are not many dealers local.
  3. Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    My remapped (up to 210bhp from 170) 147 Ducati Corse just scraped its way through its first MOT since the new lower emission limit. The tester said that I'll probably be lucky to get it though another test the way it is. Is this likely to be mainly due to the remap, or could it be something...
  4. Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    I'm after putting KW2 coilovers on it that I bought from Autolusso. They were used but apparently in good condition. Now the car is failing for having a suspension imbalance on the front. There is an imbalance limit of 30%. Mine was 43%. It also says I have a worn wish bone. Could this be...
  5. Alfa Giulia
    Took my QF into the service centre at Battersea today to have the boot lid / bumper issue looked at. In a bizarre coincidence, I was discussing with the service advisor about how you rarely see Guilias of any description on the road, never mind QFs when he said he’d only ever seen one parked up...
  6. Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    Hi all MOT this afternoon, fingers crossed all ok and i do feel confident of a pass...famous last words, ha ha. I live in Portsmouth and have just a 7.5mile commute into Fareham which i did this morning after de-icing my GTV. Tricky side roads but motorway and main roads fine. Get to work to...
  7. Alfa Giulia
    As mentioned in the water ingress in ecu thread, I had a CEL the other day just before the car went in for the 6117 software update. Had a call from service desk today to say the update has been done and the CEL was due to the connector coming loose on the left bank dump valve. I'll speak to...
  8. General Motoring Discussion - Will it suck? Will it be bagless? Post your thoughts or jokes here.
  9. South East
    Sorry Guys, but due to a serious head injury I endured some years ago, I'm currently in a lot of discomfort again at the base of my skull due to a damaged vertebrae and back on the meds as well for the nerve damage down my right side. I've sold my TT daily driver as that driving position...
  10. Introduce Yourself
    Hi guys, long time reader, first time poster (and about time too!) Been a proud owner of a 2004 GT JTD since June '16 and love it! Have seen a lot of helpful posts on this forum so thank you guys! Was rear-ended in November but back on the road now and lots of plans for the car which I plan...
  11. Alfa Giulietta
    Car needs servicing. Im looking for an alfa independent specialist.. if possible near Peterborough. Any recommendations?
  12. Alfa Giulietta
    Hi folks, Looking at replacing my Golf Mk VI TDI sometime this year with something else and adoring my 916 Spider TS I'm thinking of the Giulietta. I understand as part of the Alfa rejuvenating program there is a new model Giulietta on the way, possibly rear wheel drive. Does anybody know for...
  13. Alfa GTA
    A friend of mine is considering buying a 156 GTA Selespeed. The Selespeed on the car has a curious problem: If the engine becomes hot, the gear box locks up in the current gear selected. Fix so far: pull to the side of the road, let the car cool down, and then it´s good to go again... Is this a...
  14. Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    Anyone any idea what the last MOT tester wa talking about when he said they were missing off front suspension? And if so, any links to buying a pair? Also how hard to tighten handbrake cable on Alfa 916 1995 reg? Could my local garage man do it? TIA
  15. General Motoring Discussion
    Title says it all really. Wife's Leon failed However last year, the year before, the year before and so on all passed. The plates were supplied as legal 3D font. Apparently the ANPR systems are not recognising sufficient number plates to check the Road Tax !
  16. Alfa Giulietta
    Bought a MA TCT from Motorpoint at the end of last year. It was one of their delivery mileage only ones and was, in effect, a brand new car other than it had been standing around for a few months. I do about 12000 miles a year and I realise the intervals are 9000miles/12months. The car was...
  17. General Motoring Discussion
    I've just got my renewal for my AA Silver membership - £388! This includes Roadside, Home start, Relay and Breakdown Repair. This is for both cars. Does anyone have a suggestion for a better deal? Surprising I didn't actually use the AA last year - I must be slipping!
  18. Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    Hi guys, I need to get a rear wheel changed but At the tyre place they couldn't remove the locking nuts, the nut/key is worn and it just doesn't bite so slips round. I ordered a alloy wheel nut remover but there's not enough room for it to fit around the nut. Im hoping it's original alfa one...
  19. Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    I know I have talked about this before, but still looking for a definitive answer Car had belt done and water pump 62k March 2013 As of now it has done 98k do I need to fork out another £700 or do I have a year to go. Advice would be great Thanks
1-20 of 139 Results