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  1. Drunk idiot + car doors...

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Oh the joys of on street parking! Lying in bed last night, heard some clearly the-worse-for-wear walking down our street, kicking something that I thought were bins (bin day today!). Turns out they were car doors :( The idiot has got four or five of the cars, mine being one. "Luckily" he...
  2. Drunk Driver (read absolute 1d1ot) trashes his 'wagon

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    So sad... WATCH: This is why drinking and driving is ALWAYS a bad idea | Wheels24
  3. Driving drunk!?

    Poll Room
    Have you ever? Be honest....
  4. Are you drunk?

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    Well.... are you?
  5. My GTA at sunset(not drunk this time)

    Motoring Images
    After my last shamefull efforts I descovered that using my camera with the flash gives some interesting results on my car. It's such a shame to walk down my path every morning to this.........:lol:
  6. drunk posting

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    have you ever tried it
  7. A Drunk with great taste

    General Alfa Discussion
    Driving through Ormskirk earlier this evening there's a bottle neck in the road where two main roads merge. At this junction there's a pub and usually you get the punters outside having a smoke, so I slow to a halt and a guy a bit wobbly on his pins walks out in front of the GT checks out the...
  8. Would YOU get drunk on a first date ??

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    Well would you? :D No way would I get drunk on a first date, and I wouldn't go on a second date with someone who got drunk on the first..
  9. Alfa Romeo says 'don't drive drunk'

    General Alfa Discussion
    Excellent - powerful - advert from Alfa Romeo. Clever, too. g
  10. Drunk fuel gauge

    Alfa 164 & 166
    Well, a new gremlin has shown up on holiday in cornwall. When the tank is between 1/2 and 1/4 full, the gauge goes all the way up to full for a bit, and then goes down to empty for a bit. It pops back up before it gets to 1/4 full. I'm putting it down to "charactor" but i guess the sender in...
  11. What kind of drunk are you?

    Poll Room
    Having had 2 bottles of wine this eve at an 18th birthday party, I ask (through blurred vision), what do you act like when you're drunk? I'm soppy & tell everyone how much I love them...:rolleyes: Answers are multiple choice for multiple personalities;) :D
  12. connect nav arrow drunk???

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    has anyone had this problem , i thought it may have been the weather but now its cleared up its still doing it, iv oviously got a connect nav and the last few days the arrow (which represents were your car is on the map) is just twisting and turning everywhere, spinning in circles, every now and...
  13. how drunk was i last night??? my birthday party

    Motoring Images
    :lol: :cheese: :lol: :cheese: we hit the town after my birthday party:cheese: my head realllllly hurts:( my sister, my sis in law, mrs phil155 and her mate towards the end loads more pics but they we were messy drunk:D
  14. Drunk Cooking....

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    You're home from the pub. Forget a take-away. Bit worse for wear, but incredibly hungry. Too late to dial a pizza. You're going to have to "cook" something. Could you, would you, should you?
  15. Some drunk rearranged my car

    Motoring Images
    Away to pick my friends back up from the pub 2o'clock Sunday morning and some little [email protected]@rd decided the fight over the road was a must to finish his night off. The fact that my car was in the way was of no significance as he slammed into the side of it before scapering. Best part is I phone...
  16. We spent a drunk weekend mucking about with the camera & inanimate objects !

    Motoring Images
    "Bogbeadle couldn't wait to get home to Planet Tharg to tell all his fellow Thargoids what a great time he had on his recent mission to Wales"