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  1. Alfa 147 Tyres size and Tyres pressure for Drag

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Hello everyone. I need little help. I have alfa 147 1.9 Jtdm it has 265whp with 306 bhp power. I need some advice about Tyre size, models and pressure for street drag racing. What do you suggest I use? (take note: Because Im living in Macedonia, the roads here are not very good, and smooth :))...
  2. Drag race

    4C & 4C Spider
    Gets more interesting half way through
  3. Remap issues drag on GTV not going to Le Mans today.

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    Well after finally getting someone prepared to do the remap on my CF2 with Jim K Cams and Cayenne Throttle body have hit hurdle after hurdle again. Makes you question even doing upgrades sometimes. Thought I was almost at the end of the mission. With lots of planning for first Road trip have...
  4. Legal Drag event - 09/12/2017

    South Africa
    Good evening All, there will be a legal drag event in Dundee KZN on the 9th Dec. Apparently theres 100 cars that will be allowed to enter. I will be running the 156 and the GT just for fun to check out the times. I was wondering if any Alfa lovers would like to participate, I would really like...
  5. The QF final meets the C63S and M3 CP on a drag strip....

    Alfa Giulia
    Enjoy...(though ignore the later "drift challenge")
  6. Handicap Drag Race: Alfa 4C v Tesla towing an Alfa 4C

    South Africa
    Oh dear Ridiculous Tesla Drag Race: Alfa Romeo vs Alfa Romeo being towed by a Model X | Electrek
  7. Brake drag??

    The Classic Alfa Romeos
    Hello all, I've noticed recently that my spider would pull to the left if I got hard on the brakes, more specifically when pulling up to a red light I'd feel that extra drag while my foot was on the pedal, and when I'd put on more pedal pressure, say at 5-7 mph, it would pull left. So I pulled...
  8. 4C drag race vs the rest of the world fastest

    South Africa
    so I was bored, browsing the Internet and then somehow I stumbled across these YouTube vids, for the sake of the drag race wars, I'm not going to reveal which one has the 4C in it, but very interesting to watch to see what cars come out on top... about 8 or more cars racing at a time. very...
  9. 4C Drag race

    4C & 4C Spider
    Image were it would come if the 4C had a bit more power say 350BHP :)
  10. Why does my front nearside wheel drag?

    Alfa GTA
    When going around on full right lock in car parks, especially when its wet, the front left wheel scrapes and hops over the road surface. Why does it do this?
  11. Street to Strip Drag the Rock Raceway - Benoni

    South Africa
    Hi Guys, I have received an invitation from Alfa guys in JHB that want to go to the Rock Raceway for some 400m fun. This is a bit closer than Tarlton... Gates will open 2PM Racing will Start 3PM. So let us meet at the R21 Engen Garage (going south) at 2:00...
  12. Mito QV Drag Vidz..

    South Africa Uploaded some vids of the Mito at Tarlton strip. Kept the original sound, its amateur vids recorded on my cell. :thumbs: lol will post the defeated vidz soon:cry:
  13. illegal to Legal drag at Kyalami today

    South Africa
    A mate and I decided to go through to Kyalami and see what this was all about. We watched a few races and in the end did one or two ourselves. It was all very well organised with a big focus on safety and just having fun. I put the JTDm up against a 3 series Beemer and my mate had a go in his...
  14. drag racing / rwyb day

    Alfa GTA
    DATE CHANGED NOW TO THE 7TH APRIL DUE TO THIS ONE BEING CANCELLED late notice but i will be going to stratford upon avon race way this coming sunday ( 24th) not sure if i will be dragging the car yet its 60/40 that i will. i am just waiting to see what i get paid on friday. anyone fancy...
  15. Drag race!

    Alfa GTA
    This got me thinking... Alfa Romeo Gta vs. BMW E36 M3 drag race - YouTube Has any one had a really good go against an M3, the missus wants one and I can't seem to talk her out of it! I'm not a road racer, it's just normal to drive like a loonie in spain but i'm sure the one I was following the...
  16. Can a remapped 2.4 out drag a Giulietta QV?

    Alfa Giulietta
    As it turns, no it can't. To the driver of the red Giulietta QV who blew my doors in coming off Denton island onto the M67: My friend; I salute you! :thumbs: Shame those road works were there otherwise it would have been interesting to see if the balance shifted as we got...
  17. Go Drag @ ODI 28 Oct 2012

    South Africa
    For those of you who didn't know we went past ODI this past Sunday. I couldn't participate as my car struggled to hold boost but Lance (Guili aka Alfaholic) did take part in his Giulietta 1750 TBI with intake, exhaust and software (FR&R). Here is a link to the results on the VW Club's Forum...
  18. Transilvania Drag Race MiTo fastest in it's class

    Alfa MiTo
    Hi guys just went to my first drag racing event and to my astonishment i won my class S1 (1.4l).With my bone stock :D MiTo.My best time for 402m (quarter mile) was 16,15 seconds. Very very proud with the car ,it got a lot of attention.I went against a tuned Citroen C2 diesel ( 120hp) and a 3...
  19. An invitation for free drag racing and drifting!

    Sky Insurance
    I appreciate this isn't going to be everyone's cup of tea but it may interest some of you. Please see the link below to find out more: SupraPod 2012 to be Co-Hosted by Sky Insurance | Sky Insurance Thank you! :thumbs:
  20. ARCOP drag get-together Sunday 26 February.

    South Africa
    For those of you who are interested we will be playing at Smilys Raceway (term used loosely) on Sunday 26 February. Come see what your Alfa can manage on the ¼ mile. Not the best strip considering that it is a stretch of old national road going slightly uphill to make it even worse but still a...