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    Dear members, We may be taking the server offline in the next 24 hours to add new hardware, please accept our apologies if you cannot get online. :rolleyes: Ian
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    Hi all, Those that are regular enough would have noticed that we seem to be slowing down dramatically at lunch times, this has hopefully been resolved with a change of some hardware and our some non essential automated tasks being moved to run during the night. Sorry if you couldnt get to us...
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    Hi all, We will be updating the look and feel of AO next week. (Starting evening Mon 15th through to early hours 16th) Please can we ask you in advance to give the changes a chance before complaining :rolleyes: :p We have been working on this since November but have been waiting for the right...
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    At approx 10PM on thursday the 26th February 2009 (Tonight), the brand new AO server is being physically moved fom London to Stretford in Manchester. We anticipate this move will last between 6-7 hours from turn off in London to turn on in Manchester. We are moving to a brand new data centre...
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    Planned downtime on Thursday 9PM to midnight We have some new hardware to try out so fingers crossed that we have helped or even solved the server issues. :thumbs: Regards, Ian
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    Site down this morning. Was it just maintenance or a problem? Rather inconvenient :rant: :lol: :p
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    Sorry for late notice, we have a DB error affecting many members and to fix it we will need to give first aid, but to do that we may need to close the site for a couple of hours at most. Sorry for lack of notice. AO
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    Possible downtime tonight for a short maintenance run. If we are down for a bit, you know we will be working to return normal service ASAP.
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    Hi Alfisti's Essential database maintenance is required tonight, therefore we will be archiving some old threads and images (not deleting) in the hope we can speed up the site and stop the annoying database errors messages that some people are experiencing. Afterwards, the 2000>2004 threads...
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    We had some software issues on Sunday 20/03/05, all seems okay now, howver, please accept our apologies for the downtime, but it was impossible to fix with the board open. Regards, AO
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    Looks like we did it again, bought an extra 10 gig to last out the month, I apologise whole heartley for downtime which may of meant that business accross the globe got some extra work done today. Regards, Ian / AO
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    What happend for the last few days?
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    We may have to bring the site down to upgrade a few things. Every effort will be made to keep the time down to a minimum. So if you visit and we are not here, you know why. We expect this work to be completed within 24hrs We have taken and placed it on its own server to try to...
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    Please be aware that this alfaowner forum will be closed on 18/10/01 from 19:00 HRS to allow us to upgrade the board to a newer version, as explained in a previous post a month or so ago. We expect this to take most of the evening, but could be available by 22:00 depending on how it goes...