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  1. A Donkey in the snow

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    As some of you were asking how Scrabble was doing I thought I'd share a few pics of him havnig fun in the snow :) Having lots of fun :D He did get a bit upset at first though because his football was frozen solid. We had to pour warm water on it to defrost it a bit :lol:
  2. The Alfa The Donkey and The Beach

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    What about the donkey I hear you cry Cheers V6
  3. Marios Englezos - The DONKEY - GTV6

    Alfa Romeo Cyprus Club
    I know many of you have heard about this car. Just to inform you that there is a running thread already for its restoration. Here is the link : If you like we could move the discussion of...
  4. Pimp my donkey

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    Funny, I didn't know of this particular Beemer...
  5. Donkey and stuff

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    Just saying hello. Have a 146 and a 33 and have alot of experience which I can use to help if required....

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    Go's to Cream, who forgot that today was the first of march so he should have been in York. What an Idiot