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  1. Domain alfa156

    Republic of Ireland
    Hi all, I bought the domain to advertise our 156 when I was selling it last year... This domain is due to expire mid-March 2012... does anyone here want it? Or will I leave it fade into the ether.... :lol: If you want it for your personal website etc let me know and I'll setup a...
  2. Alfa Domain Names For Sale

    General Alfa Discussion
    All Sorry as no relevant section in Classifide area. I repeat im in no way a domain reseller. The truth is that i bought the following domain names after a few too many beers but would like to sell them to a corporate of some type. The names, Let me know if...
  3. The domain has reached 80%...

    General Alfa Discussion
    The domain has reached 80% of its monthly bandwidth limit. Try and use your bandwidth wisely until the end of the month, to ensure you do not loose any service. Take care all AO
  4. The domain name

    General Alfa Discussion
    Hi guys, ive just enabled the account, which means you can use that domain to reach here if you wish.